The Power of Gentle Words

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He’s a whirlwind of creativity. I can tell when he gets that squinty, far-off look in his eyes that an idea is simmering and he must.act.NOW! Out comes the paper… run run run… rummage, rummage for watercolors…run run run… “Mom, where are the brushy things?” It’s like watching a tornado in fast-forward. He literally sweeps up everything in his path, …

Sharing the Gift of Words

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The idea came organically, the way many powerful ideas come. We sat around our worn kitchen table enjoying Bryan’s smoked ribs, sweet potatoes mashed with the perfect amount of nutmeg and greek yogurt, grilled green beans and homemade parmesan biscuits. We ate on our wedding china – the same china that until two years ago sat in boxes – for no …

Ladies, let’s stop Apologizing

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The first time I noticed my quickness to utter #sorrynotsorry was brought to my attention from our counselor. Your work  will be to stop apologizing for everything, she observed. Wow. I brushed it aside until I found these words coming out unintentionally, often using humor to cover up my underlying discomfort. I’m sorry for crying. Sorry about that. I’m sorry for not understanding. (Noticing someone …

I heart verbal Communication

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Gosh, I’m the biggest fan of verbal communication. Yes, social media avenues where comments are left and sentiments gushed are awesome. I adore a good handwritten note or thoughtful text, but there’s nothing quite like seeing body language or hearing one’s tone when verbally communicating. Words, you had me at hello. What I most appreciate about the handing back and …

GRIEF Journey: What do I say?

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Let’s just say it like it is, talking about death is awkward.

Like super uncomfortable, weird, awkward.

What should I say? Do they want to talk about it? Do they not want to talk about it? Ahhh.

We long to validate one’s loss and ask how they are, while simultaneously trying to avoid making the elephant in the room the only topic. It’s a debacle; one that’s hard to navigate. There are no perfect words, only pure intentions. So, to save yourself from making a bigger deal out of an already big deal, for the love, here are phrases and actions that help soothe a very raw wound, as well as cliche’s to ahem, avoid.

Words not said {enough}

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Bryan’s Grandma Snyder, affectionately nicknamed Geegee {short for great-grandma} is a trooper. At 89, she lives by herself, intentionally loves and blesses countless people, works part-time, knows more than I ever will, and is just plain great! And we’ve all decided she’ll be around forever. A couple of weeks ago she started experiencing extreme pain, which temporarily landed her in …

Unexpected Encouragement

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My mom, being the gift-giver that she is, brought over an adorable green onesie for Ty declaring, WHAT HAPPENS AT GRANDMA’S, STAYS AT GRANDMA’S, along with a treat for Tanner, a delectable snack in the form of chocolate for me, and I’m sure something else that I can’t recall at the moment… simply because her love language is gift-giving and …