Coming back from Vacation

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Yesterday we boarded a plane and waved goodbye to an incredibly peaceful and beyond fun week in Maui. The day before, I felt it coming- the vacation wind down ensuing mental preparation needed to enter back into the real world. During our last evening on the island, Bryan and I grabbed a corner table, while locals sang their version of Somewhere …

Time for R&R

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Behind my eyes I feel it. As the sun shines through dusty blinds, I channel a silent prayer toward my bedside clock. Just five more minutes, I groan. What a week it’s been. Glass half full is my typical perspective, but this week, well, it’s been doused in more lemon juice than rose water and I’m tired. Unmotivated. In need …

Homemade Peanut Butter

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If there was one food I could not live without, dessert aside, it would hands down be peanut butter! Let’s be honest, the stuff is magic spread. When I studied abroad in Spain my junior summer of college, I literally packed two Costco size jars of peanut butter in my suitcase because rumor had it, Sevilla didn’t carry p.b. Between sampling and savoring every Spanish dish possible, – paella, chocolate and churros, rice anything… peanut butter snuck it’s way back to my soul.