A Valentine For Mimi

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Dear Mimi,

We overheard mommy talking to daddy about Valentine’s Day. She said this will be your first time (since 6th grade) that you won’t get a card from a boy that likes you. That’s not okay.

We have to give a Valentine’s card to every person in class, even if we don’t play with them. I signed my name in black pen, and Ty used a red crayon. We covered our Valentine’s in stickers and ninja drawings. Daddy says you give Valentine’s when you’re in love, and now we’re extra confused because I don’t ever want to get married and Ty wants to marry every girl in his class.

How do babies come out?

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Was not prepared for this one, friends.

Maybe in a couple years, but now? Really?

And so we jumped in with both feet to the baby convo with our oldest.

It went like this: {nonchalantly} during a snack, with a full mouth of Cheez Itz, So mom, how do babies come out? Followed by quick pause, eyes boring into mine. And don’t tell me from your bellybutton because I’ve seen yours, and it’s not big enough for a baby to come out of.

Belly-button Business

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A little secret- I have an indie bellybutton.

It sorta does it’s own things, has it’s own vibe. One day it’s poking out, the next day’s it’s hiding. It’s a bit of a free bird, an artsy belly button if you will.

Things settle and shift and drop differently after one child, then two. My bellybutton is evidence of what used to behave and now has a mind of it’s own. You get the point.

Dressing Your Home for Autumn

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It’s one of my favorite times of year to decorate the house for. There’s something comforting and safe about bringing the outdoor beauty of the changing season inside.

Crunchy red and orange leaves.

Maple pecan candles.

Chubby pumpkins and bumpy gourds- orange, white, green, and buttery yellow.

Turning pages of Mousekin’s Golden House for hours of snuggling and reading.

Hearty, warm-you-from-the-inside soups and stews, sweet caramel ciders, and apple tarts.

Quality Time with a Son

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For his 5th birthday, we gifted Tanner a day to Legoland.

Because the kid practically sleeps with his Legos.

And dreams, eats, thinks, plays {you get the idea} Star Wars.

And Legoland happens to have a life-size Star Wars X Wing on display until the end of the year! And a Star Wars Mini Land!

<< Side note to my mama friends of girls only: This Darth Vader / Luke Skywalker world is new to me and while I'm much more comfortable entertaining childhood memories of My Little Ponies, Little House on the Prairie, and Punky Brewster, I'm learning as I go, and attempting to embrace it! Hang with me, please! >>

Legoland! he shrieked. We’re going to Legoland?

A Binky for Donald Duck

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We’re going on about 2 hours now; the endless crying and snotty sobbing, the getting out of bed, the wails for Mamaaaaaaa!! echoing throughout what my whole being senses as the entire neighborhood.

Remember this post, Retraced Steps? The one where we took Ty’s binky/pacifier/chupie/whatever you want to call the plastic baby crack? After a week of sleep deprived everyone, Bry and I acknowledged that sometimes it’s not about being right, it’s about timing for all parties included. We gave Ty his binky back for naps and bedtime to ensure all four people in our household slept again until a future date. Lesson learned.

Until last night.


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It started early and ended late. In between…

Tears from a 2 1/2 year old boy who fears every time daddy walks out the door he might not come back- just like his Papa.

Toasted sourdough with nutty, natural peanut butter, honey drizzled in squiggle shapes, creamy coffee washing it down.

The Little Painted Indian

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I’d like to share a little story with you. If you just got to the office, pull your chair up close, pour a second cup of coffee and try not to spit on the screen as you read. If you’re at home, first off please tell me you’re still in your pj’s -ahem, workout clothes– cleaning Multi-grain cheerios off the …