An Owl Story

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On our way back from the Polar Express adventure, we paid a visit to Bearizona, a drive-through wildlife park with coyotes, bison, bears and other animals that could tear us apart should the windows in our car suddenly shatter. At the end of the tour, a walk through portion enticed with actual zoo-like exhibits where baby bears, polar bears and the …

Mary, did you watch him Breathe?

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We arrived back at our cottage hours before midnight. After a child-wonder weekend in Arizona – riding the Polar Express Train, throwing snowballs, creating snow-angels, visiting the North Pole – us lucky adults were so tired but still pinching ourselves at the excuse to chaperone boys on such an experience. (Thank you Mimi for a Christmas gift of memories and magic). Now home, Bry …

Celebrating his Way

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After a plethora of throwing, attending, and planning parties, I’ve found the key to enjoy our son’s birthday : Celebrate his way. As in, “Ty, what do YOU want to do for your birthday party? Who do you want to invite?  How do you want to spend your time?” To which he responded, with a wave of his hand, “Mom, put …

Oh how they Grow

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It was during communion at church that I saw him. Voices sang “Center” in unison, and people formed lines to break bread and remember. Oh Christ be the center of our lives Be the place we fix our eyes Be the center of our lives Tall. How tall he is now. Donned in skinny jeans and a plaid flannel, his hair is …

Join the Thanksgiving Countdown

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Happy Monday dear friends! Today was one of those mornings I woke, expectancy buzzing in the air. I actually showered and dressed before 8am. It’s a Christmas miracle,  I tell you. With Tanner at school by 8am and an hour with Ty before he starts at 9am, I’ve been thinking much about time with them. Not simply doing things for them, or …

When Loss Hits at Preschool Orientation

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Dad, It was at Ty’s preschool orientation, a nostalgic intimate sanctuary setting, that I thought of you. The pastor welcomed parents, then shared about the day before, when he’d accompanied his 3 year old grandson on his first day of preschool. Together, they met the teacher, and then the pastor laid on the floor with the little boy, racing cars and building roads, …

As you sleep

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Hours after brother chatter fades and dreams come, I turn on the hall light and tip-toe to the bottom bunk where you sleep.

A dim glow falls across your face and I bend knees to peer close.

Instantly, heart-a-swell, I’m overwhelmed. By you. Our son. Our Ty.

“It’s Not Fair”

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We are driving home from a Spring Pre-School Concert, the kind where one son stands in the back row singing quietly, hand motions below the neck line. Keepin’ it cool. Our youngest, typically a ham for entertainment refuses to perform when all eyes are in his direction, and so he didn’t. At all.

Somehow in the fuss of class practices, the idea transpired that when the concert concluded, all parents were treating their children to yogurt. I had not received the memo and had other dessert plans. Numero Uno is not a fan of our alternative decision.

And so it goes down like this:

Bully for You

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It happened at the park with some friends. The older ones were racing around the structure, pretending to be “Sonic.” Yes, folks, Sonic the Hedgehog is back {insert “I feel old thoughts”} One little munch was playing in the sand, while Ty was circling two boys like a vulture. His face determinedly brazen: “You are my chosen park playmates and I will be joining you both.”

They, on the other hand, were not feeling the same.