A thanksgiving letter to Dad

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Dad, I miss you. Around Balboa Island a friend and I recently strolled. We passed men your age – some alone, some with spouses, some walking dogs – their chins tilted sunward. That’s supposed to be you. Retired. With mom. Enjoying the beach and you’re not here. And I hate it. For Halloween the boys dressed as pirates and Ty shared his …

Join the Thanksgiving Countdown

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Happy Monday dear friends! Today was one of those mornings I woke, expectancy buzzing in the air. I actually showered and dressed before 8am. It’s a Christmas miracle,  I tell you. With Tanner at school by 8am and an hour with Ty before he starts at 9am, I’ve been thinking much about time with them. Not simply doing things for them, or …

A Fresh Perspective on Giving Thanks

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If I were to join your Thanksgiving celebration, come meal time I’d settle in a chair next to you.

Over turkey, mashed potatoes laden with gravy, bowls of creamed corn, and please tell me there will be heaps of pretzel jello salad, I’ll gather with your family- large or small- and the question of What are we thankful for? will surface followed by a merry-go-round of heartfelt responses.

I’m thankful for…

Deep Dish Apple Pie

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It was one of those days I needed to bake, to dedicate hours in the kitchen, crank music, throw flour around, and get hands doughy, messy, that kinda bake.

Do you ever have those days?

When the world’s noise gets so loud {even if it’s your own kids voices} that something as simple as baking a pie feels calming and cathartic. The minutes spilling into hours calm the to-do list and stress of the day as apples are peeled and dough is rolled.