Oh how they Grow

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It was during communion at church that I saw him. Voices sang “Center” in unison, and people formed lines to break bread and remember. Oh Christ be the center of our lives Be the place we fix our eyes Be the center of our lives Tall. How tall he is now. Donned in skinny jeans and a plaid flannel, his hair is …

Mother’s Day: That time we lost our son at the beach!

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It was a classic miscommunication of “he said” “she said.” Tanner had run out the door to join Bryan and my brother on a quick errand before Mother’s Day festivities commenced.
Ten minutes later Bryan walks in the door alone.
Where’s Tanner? he asks.
He’s with you, I say..
His eyes speak otherwise. I thought you had him!
The next 15 minutes are ones I hear about on the news, and see in movies. They are slow-motion and fast-forward all in the same sprint. Out of body.

“It’s Not Fair”

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We are driving home from a Spring Pre-School Concert, the kind where one son stands in the back row singing quietly, hand motions below the neck line. Keepin’ it cool. Our youngest, typically a ham for entertainment refuses to perform when all eyes are in his direction, and so he didn’t. At all.

Somehow in the fuss of class practices, the idea transpired that when the concert concluded, all parents were treating their children to yogurt. I had not received the memo and had other dessert plans. Numero Uno is not a fan of our alternative decision.

And so it goes down like this:

A Valentine For Mimi

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Dear Mimi,

We overheard mommy talking to daddy about Valentine’s Day. She said this will be your first time (since 6th grade) that you won’t get a card from a boy that likes you. That’s not okay.

We have to give a Valentine’s card to every person in class, even if we don’t play with them. I signed my name in black pen, and Ty used a red crayon. We covered our Valentine’s in stickers and ninja drawings. Daddy says you give Valentine’s when you’re in love, and now we’re extra confused because I don’t ever want to get married and Ty wants to marry every girl in his class.

How do babies come out?

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Was not prepared for this one, friends.

Maybe in a couple years, but now? Really?

And so we jumped in with both feet to the baby convo with our oldest.

It went like this: {nonchalantly} during a snack, with a full mouth of Cheez Itz, So mom, how do babies come out? Followed by quick pause, eyes boring into mine. And don’t tell me from your bellybutton because I’ve seen yours, and it’s not big enough for a baby to come out of.

“I Don’t Believe in God”

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Conversations with our sons have been getting pretty interesting over here, too good not to share. If you’re in need of a laugh, head-tilt thought, or trip down childhood question memory lane, I’m starting a blog series surrounding TANNER Talks and TY Talks every week or so. Crawling into the minds of 3 and 5 year old boys is scary enough, but I invite you to journey with me, to pull up a chair and join our family, maybe offer some perspective, some Kleenex, some shared giggles, as I fumble to make sense of their honest questions.

Let’s just jump right in, shall we?

Quality Time with a Son

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For his 5th birthday, we gifted Tanner a day to Legoland.

Because the kid practically sleeps with his Legos.

And dreams, eats, thinks, plays {you get the idea} Star Wars.

And Legoland happens to have a life-size Star Wars X Wing on display until the end of the year! And a Star Wars Mini Land!

<< Side note to my mama friends of girls only: This Darth Vader / Luke Skywalker world is new to me and while I'm much more comfortable entertaining childhood memories of My Little Ponies, Little House on the Prairie, and Punky Brewster, I'm learning as I go, and attempting to embrace it! Hang with me, please! >>

Legoland! he shrieked. We’re going to Legoland?

A Birthday Note to our 5 Year-Old…

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Last night dad joked about five years ago in that San Luis Obispo hospital room, how I’d bounced on that stupid {Mom, we don’t say stupid!} birthing ball for six hours straight thinking you’d get the hint to come. We knew you were going to change our lives; turn it inside out and wreck us in the most beautiful and challenging and child-like faith ways possible. What we didn’t know was how much we’d learn from you, our little man.