How to slow down and soak up Summer

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When I was a kid, summer meant THREE WHOLE MONTHS OFF. Summer meant swimming for hours and collecting June bugs on the side of the pool. Summer meant rocking on wood seats and unwrapping the 31 Flavors Ice Cream wrapper before the waffle cone was soggy from mint chip drips. Summer meant parents who taught summer school and cinnamon sugar toast for lunch and …

Grilled Peaches and Cream

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Summer means all things bar-b-que … tri-tip, veggies, grilled peaches. Yep, peaches!

Nothing like a sweet, tangy peach, the juice dripping down your chin, wiping it with the back of your hand before dunking in the pool for a dusk swim.

Our family’ is currently obsessed with grilling peaches, especially if there is cream involved. And a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream snuggled next to it.

Homemade Peanut Butter

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If there was one food I could not live without, dessert aside, it would hands down be peanut butter! Let’s be honest, the stuff is magic spread. When I studied abroad in Spain my junior summer of college, I literally packed two Costco size jars of peanut butter in my suitcase because rumor had it, Sevilla didn’t carry p.b. Between sampling and savoring every Spanish dish possible, – paella, chocolate and churros, rice anything… peanut butter snuck it’s way back to my soul.