Love is an Action

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Today holds significance, a valuable weight and I breathe in sharp as I glance at the calendar declaring October 2. The 2nd of the month, another month, another 2nd.., every month I shake my head that it’s been another month without dad, and the 2nd comes only too fast cementing the fact that yes, indeed, life does go on. It looks different, it feels different, it smells, sounds, and tastes different. It’s a gift, this trivialized four-letter word; life.

Spiritual Parenting ~ Session 5

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We are nearing the end of what has been hands down, the best parenting class we’ve ever been a part of because the focus is spiritual and eternal. It’s about asking every day, every moment, “God, what are you doing in my child’s heart? in his life?” And that changes how I parent. It can’t help but not. Responsibility and …

Spiritual Parenting ~ Session 4

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This week’s topics especially plucked at my mama heartstrings, sang in my thoughts, and a week later, the tune is still playing. Notes from Spiritual Parenting, Session 4: Service and Out of the Comfort Zone echo in my heart and dance in my everyday decisions. We’re officially adding it to the compilation of our family’s favorite songs! Allow me to …

Spiritual Parenting Class – Class 2

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There’s a reverent value to remembering. Remembering a family tradition of apple picking at Oak Glen. Remembering the moment when you knew, just knew, you were in love with your spouse. Remembering multiple failures that led to a personal triumph. Remembering your first job, and how much you’ve matured since then. Remembering that protective, parent-passion of being willing to die …

Spiritual Parenting Class ~ Week 1

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Life aspects I’m passionate about are plentiful. Lip gloss. A new read. Having friends over for dinner. Baking cookies, then eating them directly out of the oven~ doughy and gooey, leaving chocolate chip strings all over my mouth. A curly hair product that actually works, without leaving crunchy leaves in my do! Those are some of the frivolous things. Serious …

Bekah’s Book Review

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As a little girl, I have vivid memories of library trips. Down the street, into the library, up the stairs and around the corner to… augh! The kid section. Dr. Suess covers, and Island of the Blue Dolphin posters smiled at me as I took it all in. I went there probably once a week. To this room full of …