Rejection Confessions and a Call to Hope

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I’ve had people tell me – maybe they assume because I write my feelings and stories into the abyss-of-a-universe – that “I must have a million friends” or “I’m sure you’re surrounded,” and kind words along those lines. Bless. Don’t get me wrong. I do have friends. Whom I cannot live without. But I feel compelled to share a confession of sorts, …

The balance of individualism and Acceptance

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“Two become one.” “You’re just like her or him.” One of the most incredible aspects of connection is when we share common personality traits or passions with another soul. We celebrate it. It’s good. But something inside can also fight against being told we are “just like her or him” because it sounds as if we are no longer our whole …


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Every day we walk around wearing imaginary chalkboards on which we’ve scribbled our authentic disclaimers – our feelings, ideas, and personality traits. And our biggest fears? Those are penned at the bottom in shaky letters. We wear these imaginary signs around our necks hoping people notice, praying others see and comment and ask. About us.  Whatever they describe, these chalkboard signs …

Grief Journey: When People Experience Loss

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How are you? a friend asks.

I can feel my body looking for the nearest hole to crawl into, I reply. Maybe I’ll fly overseas and return come May.

I’m partly serious.

At Calendar’s turn from February to a new month, I sense, dread. March and April represent the anniversary of dad’s stroke and death, and a myriad of emotions that fall in-between, including late-fallen Easter. If I could just fast-forward this season, well, that would be super swell.