You Are Really Good for People

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I need to share a secret with you. So I’m inviting you into our cottage, right here pat pat on our laundry-covered couch, near random dog toys, and little boy hand-written scratch-paper books scattered on the coffee table. I’m welcoming you near so I can offer a whisper and a sweet dose of truth. One I’m learning in real time. Your greatest strength is the exact area the …

How dumping out your purse gives Purpose

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It came up in our conversation, that while driving, her purse threw up it’s contents all over the floor, and she was aghast at just how.much.stuff was in there. I laughed because I completely relate. On any given day, there are those oh-so-random things found inside my purse: ahem, 300 pens, receipts, cheerios, crayons, dry-cleaning bills, gum wrappers, and toy cars. Truth be told, I’ve …


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Great job! You are the best! Awesome! Fabulous! Seriously… you are amazing!


We all want them ~ approval, praise, acknowledgement.

But do we need them? Do we depend on them for our well-being, for our identity? As in, if we don’t get them, our day is suddenly dim? Or, if we hear nothing, or receive little feedback, or get few “likes” we believe we’re less than?

The topic of accolades has surfaced ’round these parts much in the past weeks.