Modeling Forgiveness

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One of my favorite things about being a parent is learning from these incredible little people, aka my boys! Whether it’s bravery or being strong and courageous, I’m reminded daily that if we, as parents aren’t modeling it, there’s no way our kids will learn it!

Last year I wrote this Forgiveness article for HomeFront Magazine. I love this magazine for a thousand reasons, but mostly it’s full of great reminders of coming alongside the Holy Spirit in this parenting adventure instead of trying to do it on my own. We all know how that ends up! Epic mom fails and guilt and comparison… it’s just ugly!

I’m grateful it’s never too early or too late to ask for forgiveness and to extend forgiveness. We pretty much practice it daily around our house!

You can read the Modeling Forgiveness article here on page 11:

What’s Your Story? Wednesday: Chris Blue

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When I began featuring people on What’s Your Story? Wednesday, Chris Blue was the first person that came to mind. Only having known her a short while, she has a warm way of inviting you into her world with grace and a candid honesty that is both refreshing and brave. Written as an overflow of her heart, I’m blessed and …


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A big Thank You for all of you who shared your favorite traditions… I love hearing about how your family celebrates. The Hair Tie Giveaway winner is: Julianna Williams who wrote, “My favorite family tradition comes from my husband’s family. We love to celebrate birthdays (never on time, but always with love!). Each time we gather for a family member’s …

Honest Confessions

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I ran into a friend at church today, one who I don’t see often enough, but am convinced, if we were neighbors, our boys would provide daily entertainment in the form of dinosaur-playing or fort- building while we’d take turns snuggling her sweet girl and laugh way too much! Within five minutes, we dug down to the inner corners of …

Parent Mentors

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After completing the life-changing Spiritual Parenting class, I feel like an alive parent, full of purpose, a Big God Story perspective, and the question “What’s God doing in my child in this moment?” humming energetically in my head. It’s a good fullness, rich with writing our family story, as well as helping shape who Ty and Tanner are now, and …

Unexpected Encouragement

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My mom, being the gift-giver that she is, brought over an adorable green onesie for Ty declaring, WHAT HAPPENS AT GRANDMA’S, STAYS AT GRANDMA’S, along with a treat for Tanner, a delectable snack in the form of chocolate for me, and I’m sure something else that I can’t recall at the moment… simply because her love language is gift-giving and …