“I am the King”

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It was before dinner, the witching hour for young kids and parents, the time when all chaos tends to break loose. I’m attempting to throw something healthy together and keep our sons from demolishing one another. Just an average late afternoon at the Pogue Cottage. Ty was kicking Tanner. Tanner was smooshing Ty’s face into the couch cushions and both were …

When Loss Hits at Preschool Orientation

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Dad, It was at Ty’s preschool orientation, a nostalgic intimate sanctuary setting, that I thought of you. The pastor welcomed parents, then shared about the day before, when he’d accompanied his 3 year old grandson on his first day of preschool. Together, they met the teacher, and then the pastor laid on the floor with the little boy, racing cars and building roads, …

What’s He Doing in Heaven?

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Thank you for your encouragement and excitement with this new blog series, TANNER & TY Talks. I love that so many of you relate, have additional thoughts of how you talk with your children, and are pulling up a chair to join us as we throw honesty out there, mess and all 🙂 My hope is somehow the conversations we’re having with our boys will bless your family, and remind you that we as parents, we are not alone. It takes a village, so let’s help one another out. And let’s do so in a humble place where we can laugh and cry together. Yes?

Today we join the world of TY Talks.

TY. This kid. I adore him. I didn’t know a three year-old could make me laugh one second and scream the next.