The balance of individualism and Acceptance

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“Two become one.” “You’re just like her or him.” One of the most incredible aspects of connection is when we share common personality traits or passions with another soul. We celebrate it. It’s good. But something inside can also fight against being told we are “just like her or him” because it sounds as if we are no longer our whole …

Marriage Transitions

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Here’s the deal, marriage transitions are like a progressive dinner, each course building upon the next to create an unprecedented experience. Remember starting off with the first course? We arrive at marriage hungry, expectant, ready for whatever lies ahead. Honeymoon bliss is like a smorgasbord of appetizer heaven. So many choices. Such undistracted time. It’s the season of love-struck ooey goey-ness, two full …

Why your life is Epic

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When you think of epic, does your mind immediately wander to famous personalities, international vacations, and extreme sports? Do you ever consider your own life as epic? One of the biggest lies I fight against is in order for my story and life to be of value, it must be epic. Take our recent “honeymoon friday.” With both boys in school Friday mornings, we’ve found ourselves alone. …

Reckless love

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It’s been said- to love with reckless abandon- and never have those words carried such meaning ’til now. Because doesn’t reckless abandon signify throwing caution to the wind and hold nothing back! To empty oneself, and give with every fiber of one’s being, at the risk of appearing silly or “too much” or overly passionate? To love fully and well… it’s my renewed prayer.

Smooch! Smooch!

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Heading to work, my hubby and I smooch goodbye, much to the disapproval of our boys. Giggling in the corner, we saw our almost four-year old ~ mouth puckered, pulling his crinkled eyes into red cheeks, shaking his head. Disgusting, he laughed, then turned away. Our one-and-half-year-old grinned, swinging his arms and cooing, “Ewwwwwww!” Parent success! We have officially embarrassed …

Dear Bry,

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I love that eight years ago we thee wed! And what an adventure it’s been!   I love… that every time we drive along the coast, my arm automatically reaches to take the wheel, while you crane your neck and transport you and your board to the ocean waves, your unruly, right eyebrow, that I still get the tingles when …


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April, we will celebrate our 8th Wedding Anniversary! Eight. It has a nice, even sound to it. It’s not the 5th anniversary, and certainly not a big to-do like 10, but it has a comfortable, in-the-middle-tone to its special place as our eighth year of life together. Eight fits us quite well these days. These days of God’s Best, where …