Mana’s Chocolate Dipped Peppermint Oreos ~ A Family Tradition & Recipe

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My friend Lindsay recently moved into a charming neighborhood lined with large trees and {for the most part} friendly neighbors. She is intentional at heart and asked, What do you do for your neighbors at Christmas?

I smiled because she knows I’m a little crazy about creating traditions- I live for embracing everyday moments and transforming them into family memories year after year. Especially when it comes to Christmas.

2nd Annual Christmas Cookie Baking: Gingerbread Men

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Last year was the First Annual Christmas Cookie Baking Day with Tanner and Mana {Bry’s mom} They dipped Oreos in chocolate, and engulfed the chocolate with peppermint pieces. I think the cookies were eaten that very day! In honor of the 2nd Annual Cookie Baking Day {cuz I’m a tradition-at-heart-kinda-gal}, we celebrated ¬†at her home in Encinitas. Cookie Baking Goal: …