5 Reasons You’ll Want to Make Forest Home ‘Summer Family Retreat’ Your New Tradition

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CCA’s (Child Care Assistant), also known as built-in babysitting. I mean I know Hawaii sounds tempting, but do they provide childcare to put your kiddos down every.single.night? I think not. 2. Forest Home Summer Family Retreat has something for EVERYONE. Amazing care and daycamps for babies to high schooler’s, rockstar speakers and worship leaders for the parents, bomb meals, a resort-like …

Legacy-making starts Small

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When Bry and I were going through premarital counseling, surprisingly our Myer’s Briggs Personality Test scores came back the same: ENFJ, with Bry dancing between Extrovert and Introvert. Mine was off-the-charts Extrovert. We love being with people. Twelve years later and our Extroverts remain: We still love people. We love opening our doors, turning on the grill and playing music over loud …

GRIEF Journey: Dedicating a Teacher’s Legacy

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When someone passes, there exists the temptation to idolize and place that person on a perfection pedestal.

In reality, we are all human- full of quirks and flaws. As was my Dad. An earnest, hard-working, believe-the-best-in-everyone man. His faith could move mountains, and his nature settle the most anxious of nerves. But in high school I’d wished I’d understood him better. How I teased him about “getting in touch with his feelings”. We nearly stopped talking over his panic at trying to teach me to drive. Over the years we didn’t always see eye-to-eye or agree. Our relationship strengthened when I married, and when grandkids came, well, stick-a-fork-in-him, watching him in the grandpa role won a new-found love and respect.


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In light of celebrating what is supposed to be mom and dad’s 42nd anniversary and dad’s 65th birthday, I’m forever grateful that we celebrated them well last year. More so, I’m thankful I shared these words with them {especially dad} – words that he read and felt and knew. I smile even now, remembering when we were over for dinner one night and as I bathed the boys in their ginormous tub, I saw this post taped to their bathroom mirror:

{written June 25, 2012}