Dear Readers

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What I wouldn’t give to invite you to the Pogue Cottage; to rest on our couch, sip tea and gobble chocolate croissant bites. No doubt U2 or Frank Sinatra would sing in the background, as autumn scents hang in the air, and I see your eyes to express thanks. Thank you for listening, encouraging, cheering on, offering grace, and allowing …

The Gift of Faith

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God alone knows exactly what you and I must endure in order to form His character in us. It is in our trials that God refines us and removes our impurities. Like refined gold, when we pass through our trials, people will see His perfect reflection in us. – Wendy Blight It was one of those father/ daughter, complete-the-prompt journals …

Grief Journey: When People Experience Loss

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How are you? a friend asks.

I can feel my body looking for the nearest hole to crawl into, I reply. Maybe I’ll fly overseas and return come May.

I’m partly serious.

At Calendar’s turn from February to a new month, I sense, dread. March and April represent the anniversary of dad’s stroke and death, and a myriad of emotions that fall in-between, including late-fallen Easter. If I could just fast-forward this season, well, that would be super swell.

Contentment and Crushes!!

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Today is a day of celebration. A dear, college friend was showered with love, prayer, bon-bons, and blue over the soon-to-be-arrival of her boy bundle. She is one of those women who radiates life. Her laugh. Her enthusiasm for potential. Her heart for the elderly. Her patience for learning. She will be an incredible mom. What added to the much-to-be-celebrated …