On Laughter and Throwing Tupperware Lids

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I learned a new trick that works great for whining. I pounce on the closest whiner, pin them on the couch, and tickle them ’til we’re both near peeing. Works like a charm. There’s something about laughter that lightens any mood. I mean, have you tried complaining when you’re laugh-snorting? Im.possible. The following day I was talking with a lady at the office. She …

Childhood Tales

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I have no idea how our dinner conversations take a left turn. One minute we’re asking the boys about good, hard, and new parts of their day when Ty busts out, Everyone cheered when I walked in the classroom. Mmkay. Someone isn’t lacking in the confidence department. Yea, he laughs, shoving a bite of meatloaf in his piehole. They love me. Bry …

Guest Blog: Niki Hardy, Tummy Tuck Not Included

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Happy October 1st, Friends. I’m exited to introduce you to today’s guest blogger, Niki Hardy. Niki and I became acquainted through our writing coach, and I feel I’ve known her all my life. She has an incredible story, an endearing English accent, and a raw, warm likableness that can’t help but captivate you. When at the SheSpeaks Conference in North …

The Mom Workout- My Messy Beautiful

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I love Glennon at Momastery for a myriad of reasons, but mostly for her she-has-me-in-stitches humor, the bravery in which she shares her stories, and her raw, gut-honest words. We’ll be friends one day, but until then, I was inspired to join her Messy, Beautiful Warriors Project, where writers and bloggers from all over, share the truth of their story as a reminder that WE ARE IN THIS CRAZY MOM ADVENTURE TOGETHER. If you have a story to tell about life, faith, friendship, or parenting, by all means, join us! CLICK HERE!

{This essay will appear on Momastery- check it out!}

Belly-button Business

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A little secret- I have an indie bellybutton.

It sorta does it’s own things, has it’s own vibe. One day it’s poking out, the next day’s it’s hiding. It’s a bit of a free bird, an artsy belly button if you will.

Things settle and shift and drop differently after one child, then two. My bellybutton is evidence of what used to behave and now has a mind of it’s own. You get the point.

The Little Painted Indian

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I’d like to share a little story with you. If you just got to the office, pull your chair up close, pour a second cup of coffee and try not to spit on the screen as you read. If you’re at home, first off please tell me you’re still in your pj’s -ahem, workout clothes– cleaning Multi-grain cheerios off the …

Kids say the darnest things!

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I am constantly entertained by my 2 year old, Tanner, also known as “T”- aren’t we efficient? 🙂 Not only is he a compulsive door closer, but he now loves to do laundry, thanks to my mom! Yep, he takes all his dirty clothes out of the hamper, carries them downstairs and informs me that it is “time to do …