Cottage Christmas 2013

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Christmas has arrived at the Pogue Cottage. Come on over for a cup of Candy Cane Tea and a slice of chocolate peppermint loaf. Smells, sounds, and tastes of ‘Tis the Season’ abound.

Each Christmas the general design is the same, with a slight variation of whatever inspires come decorating day. This year, it happens to be tree stumps, silver and gold accents, and woodsy wonder.

Peanut Butter & Chocolate

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It’s been said before, and I won’t shy aware from the truth…

Every morning I wake thinking about dessert.

As in, hmmm… what treats are destined for today? Throughout the entire day.

You do realize dessert was not intended only to follow dinner? No -a morsel of chocolate after cereal, a bite of brownie following a caprese panini lunch, why, it really is the right thing to do! After dinner of bbq chicken salad, the chopped peppers and jicama shavings colorful and crunchy- by all means, bring on the peanut butter and chocolate! Don’t matter if it’s on a sundae, the main ingredients in truffles, or tucked inside the other for a bite-size nugget of love, peanut butter and chocolate is my weakness!

Inspired Bathroom Decor

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My hubby and close friends know that I’m constantly





and visualizing how to use this in that space, or asking what can we create for this room? It’s an illness. And I’m okay with it.

The latest victim was our bathroom- it was in dire need of inspiration and personal touch, and it received just that!


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This gem followed me home from the Rose Bowl Flea Market {yes, I’m obsessed with all things Flea Market}
It’s previous owners had used this chunky pallet as a tabletop and I’ve been thinking about how to upcycle it for months.
I knew I wanted to make it into a sign and hang it in the focal spot of our home, the kitchen, but what should it say?

Weeks later, the boys and I were returning library books {sidenote: my sincerest apologies to every Huntington Beach child that Mo Willems books are always checked out… our family is a whee bit obsessed!} and on our way out, we passed a table where two seated women were clearly trying to share their religious affiliation via pamphlets and conversation. A man stood over them and was laying it out…

A New Medium ~ Canvas!

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I’m not surprised by much these days, including timing and lulls and windows of opportunity.

I’m not surprised that business took an appropriate pause and has organically picked back up. And I’m so grateful, because I greet Inspired Window, a once humble thought, and embrace every idea that comes its way.

Like when Debbi found my website and wanted to have a custom window made for her daughter-in-law’s nursery but realized hanging it above the crib wasn’t the best idea… could I make it on canvas instead?