An Unexpected Surprise at David Arms’ Shop

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From beaches to barns, we took off for a Tennessee getaway. A local friend recommended a Sunday drive to Leiper’s Fork and I watched contentedly, music singing from our rental, land sprawling for miles, homes peppering countryside and smoke dancing from chimneys. I felt my shoulders relax. My country girl heart was at home. We pulled into the quaint town …

A Faith Journey: The Real Beginning

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This is the 6th and last essay in A Faith Journey, re-tracing the final week of my Dad’s life. Loss served as the the catalyst to my faith, and it is through this story, I see God’s invitation to experience Him as the greatest story. For those that have walked this with me from the beginning, please read and remember and know …

On the anniversary of a loved One

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{This post is dedicated to my dear friend Donna, who lost her mom a year ago today. And to Wendi, who lost her sweet dad years ago, and gently prepared me for my own father’s heavenersary. And to anyone else who is missing a loved one today, these words are for you.} ———————————————————————————————————————- It seems to stare at you in …

When Loss Hits at Preschool Orientation

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Dad, It was at Ty’s preschool orientation, a nostalgic intimate sanctuary setting, that I thought of you. The pastor welcomed parents, then shared about the day before, when he’d accompanied his 3 year old grandson on his first day of preschool. Together, they met the teacher, and then the pastor laid on the floor with the little boy, racing cars and building roads, …

As you sleep

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Hours after brother chatter fades and dreams come, I turn on the hall light and tip-toe to the bottom bunk where you sleep.

A dim glow falls across your face and I bend knees to peer close.

Instantly, heart-a-swell, I’m overwhelmed. By you. Our son. Our Ty.

Humble Pie, Sleeping Bears, and Dad Hugs

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I’m scooping up humble pie and shoveling it in by the spoonfuls. Pride has gotten the best of me, weighting each bite.

Yesterday the thought fluttered by: I’m glad this GRIEF thing is over. It’s nice to have that behind me. I’d doing fabul—.

Bam- I wake from a morning dream, grasping at the scene playing behind sleeping eyelids.