Sunday Confession: Reclaiming myself in the Kitchen

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Yesterday my friend Crystal invited me to (in)courage’s event, (in) real life Friended, surrounding friendship. I was struck by the words from one of the speakers- was it Kristen Strong or Jen Schmidt? My memory escapes, but what I remember was this: “People are inspired by our strengths, but they connect to our failures.” Boom. Isn’t that the truth? But here’s …

Enjoy a listen: YOU Matter

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Bryan and I recently got away to the Central Coast where we spoke part of the time and played the rest. Holla! Friday night families gathered at the church to enjoy dinner together. Then the kids headed off in one direction, and us “old folk” got adult time. We had a blast sharing our hearts surrounding Simply Family, including our struggles …


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Dry cotton mouth.

Racing heart… thump, thump, THUMP, THUUUUUMMMMPPPP!!!

Itchy armpits.


We all know this sensation- the where in the world did this come from? feeling.

Whatever title we attach it to- scared, fear, anxiety… it’s all the same. It’s that notion that we are not in control and our body is reacting.