Wow, God must REALLY Care

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Last month my sweet friend Maria prayed that God would show up as Provider in tangible out-of-the-box ways. What’s your rent? she asked.  I’m going to pray He brings that money in somehow. I smiled over the phone and stifled a laugh. We’re fine. Does God really care about paying our rent through random acts of kindness? We’re praying for …

5 Reasons You’ll Want to Make Forest Home ‘Summer Family Retreat’ Your New Tradition

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CCA’s (Child Care Assistant), also known as built-in babysitting. I mean I know Hawaii sounds tempting, but do they provide childcare to put your kiddos down every.single.night? I think not. 2. Forest Home Summer Family Retreat has something for EVERYONE. Amazing care and daycamps for babies to high schooler’s, rockstar speakers and worship leaders for the parents, bomb meals, a resort-like …

Please Hold and Hug

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Attitudes over here at the Pogue Cottage have been at an all-time high. Our boys too. (W;ink) It seems everything we ask is too demanding or said in a different tongue because we are met with a wall of non-responsive, heavy-sighing, blank staring, eye-rolling children. “I don’t want to.” “No.” “But… ” eyes look around to blame the nearest item for …

Father’s Day Q & A with my main Man

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With the boys collapsed in their bunks, Bryan and I sat, our legs overlapped like apple pie lattice, criss-crossed and comfortable.     We had welcomed the first day of summer climbing beach rocks, eating sand-covered peanut butter and honey sandwiches and staying in our bathing suits For dinner we grilled burgers with thick melted squares smothered in homemade bbq sauce, washed …

Real life, social media, and why I’m embracing #realisthenewperfect

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More than ever, I embrace #realisthenewperfect because what we see online, in print, or on a blog is often not the “perfect” picture we assume it is. Perfection. We strive for it even though we’ll never come close. Let us not mistake beautiful photos, inspiring words, and innovative projects for perfection- they are created by people, and you and I both know us peeps ain’t perfect. There are authors, designers, and faithful speakers I’m drawn to because they offer another facet of God’s personality. It’s my darn assumptions that distorts their outcome. Tension pulls when my marriage, my kids, and my home doesn’t feel Pinterest-worthy or up-to-par. Herein lies the social media balance; offering “real” without airing dirty laundry, capturing beauty in the cracks and corners of hard days, while celebrating light shed on giftings and passions played out.

Repost: Thanksgiving in May

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Two years ago I was struck by how quickly my grateful heart wore off as November’s Thanksgiving came and went. Set on recapturing thankfulness and celebrating how God works in the peaks and pit, I was compelled to write this post: Thanksgiving in May.

Fast-forward to May, 2014, and Thanksgiving in May is at the forefront of my thoughts. Care to join? Would you like to soak up the last week of May, the half-way marker until we gather around the table to feast with family and friends, and utter gratitude for blessings abundant?

Why Turning into Mom is Okay, and 3 Ways I Want to Be Just.Like.Her

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Anything we did similarly- mannerisms, phrases, interests- there was Dad’s voice, You’re turning into your mother.

Ugh. Dad. I’m ME! My own unique person {can you detect the need for independence?} I’m NOT turning into mom.

We are so very different; ‘Lil Mom and I, yet, so very similar. And more than ever, I hope to emulate who she not only is, but who she is continually becoming.

Aside from the fact that I hug strangers and speak in occasional sing-song like her, we are night-and-day. Okay, we talk with our hands, love designing, speaking in front of people, planning parties. Gift-giving, encouraging, and positivity come second nature and celebrating- is there a party? Good! Someone must be celebrated. Never mind our impulsive, impatient sides. Aside from made-up words and connecting at the heart, we really are incredibly different. {Sarcasm now in full force} I never pick roses for friends, write notes in our sons books, or send cards in the mail Oh gosh! It’s true! Who am I kidding? My dad was right. I’m becoming my mother!