When Doubting is part of the Faith Process

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How does it feel to have the news out there? This is the main question we’re getting after sharing about our mid life awakening and here’s our real time response: We feel scared and relieved. We feel sad and hopeful. You see, this news of moving to Nashville wasn’t one decided overnight, but after years of inklings and listening and refusing to …

How to Trust Goodness in Doubt

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What keeps you from allowing the good in? I paused and searched the ceiling for an answer. Because I’m afraid it will run out. Like air from a balloon. I’m not sure if there is enough to last. I’m not proud, but I’m realizing this is my honest response. Apparently in the deepest parts, I doubt God’s goodness will prevail or …

Permission Granted

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“I’ve always wanted to ____________.” “I dream about becoming a __________.” “Do you think ____________ is a good idea?” More and more I’m talking with moms and college students, friends, and other parents about stirrings and ideas swimming around inside their heads, and I notice a common theme- the desire to be validated and cheered. But it’s more than that; some …

“I Don’t Believe in God”

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Conversations with our sons have been getting pretty interesting over here, too good not to share. If you’re in need of a laugh, head-tilt thought, or trip down childhood question memory lane, I’m starting a blog series surrounding TANNER Talks and TY Talks every week or so. Crawling into the minds of 3 and 5 year old boys is scary enough, but I invite you to journey with me, to pull up a chair and join our family, maybe offer some perspective, some Kleenex, some shared giggles, as I fumble to make sense of their honest questions.

Let’s just jump right in, shall we?