Pom-Pom Tablecloth Transformation

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Calling all design gurus, vintage lovers, and creative souls ~I’m excited to add a fun blog series, B. RUST-a-CHIC, stories behind the rustic-cottage-chic interiors and exteriors of our home, The Pogue Cottage. True confession: My hubby and I are suckers for a good find- whether it’s a screen door, antique books, or a zinc barrel- we love the creative process of design. Much of our passions are poured into the hunt for one-of-a-kind treasures, antique gems, and unassuming pieces. Whether it’s from a flea market, up-cycled, found, or created, what draws us, is the potential of what can become as we transform extraordinary from the everyday. And who better to dream and envision with than my best friend? We’re a team, and I adore how our home is pieced together with story after story of ‘Remember when we found the first of our vintage clock collection? and ‘Ha, these teal stools- you made me drive 25 miles out of the way to find them.’ Oh, the roads we’ve gotten lost on, towns we’ve explored, and memories we’ve collected over the years. Oh, the stories reflected throughout the Pogue Cottage.

Cottage Christmas 2013

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Christmas has arrived at the Pogue Cottage. Come on over for a cup of Candy Cane Tea and a slice of chocolate peppermint loaf. Smells, sounds, and tastes of ‘Tis the Season’ abound.

Each Christmas the general design is the same, with a slight variation of whatever inspires come decorating day. This year, it happens to be tree stumps, silver and gold accents, and woodsy wonder.

O Christmas Tree: New in the Shop!

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Saturday was a special day, one where we move creations from the home office to a booth at Lil’ Lighthouse’s Annual Boutique. Amidst full weekends and approaching holidays, it’s the one boutique we won’t miss because vendor fees, food, and auction proceeds go towards helping the school raise money for a new security system. Safer schools? Yes, please!

The weeks leading up are a flurry of late nights, intentional custom designs, choosing the perfect windows and frames to create one-of-a-kind art to adorn people’s homes. It’s crazy, and I love it!

Dressing Your Home for Autumn

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It’s one of my favorite times of year to decorate the house for. There’s something comforting and safe about bringing the outdoor beauty of the changing season inside.

Crunchy red and orange leaves.

Maple pecan candles.

Chubby pumpkins and bumpy gourds- orange, white, green, and buttery yellow.

Turning pages of Mousekin’s Golden House for hours of snuggling and reading.

Hearty, warm-you-from-the-inside soups and stews, sweet caramel ciders, and apple tarts.

Come on in…

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One of the most intimate decisions I make is to invite people into our home. Our home is where we love one another well (and sometimes not-so-well), raise our boys, have the deepest heart-conversations, and the hardest fights. Home is where we can be ourselves at the core. I love entertaining and having people over. I love helping Bryan cook …