Happy 3rd Heavenersary, Dad

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Dad, Wow! Tomorrow marks 3 years since we last hugged, since you cheered the boys at a football game, or “stopped by” on your way to walk the Huntington Beach Pier. Tanner started football again, and it reminds us of his first game, days before your stroke. Do you remember how he stood heads shorter than the other boys? Remember hootin’ …

A thanksgiving letter to Dad

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Dad, I miss you. Around Balboa Island a friend and I recently strolled. We passed men your age – some alone, some with spouses, some walking dogs – their chins tilted sunward. That’s supposed to be you. Retired. With mom. Enjoying the beach and you’re not here. And I hate it. For Halloween the boys dressed as pirates and Ty shared his …

A Faith Journey: The Real Beginning

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This is the 6th and last essay in A Faith Journey, re-tracing the final week of my Dad’s life. Loss served as the the catalyst to my faith, and it is through this story, I see God’s invitation to experience Him as the greatest story. For those that have walked this with me from the beginning, please read and remember and know …

A Surprise Sighting

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Having been up since 5am, I’m gulping down a caprese panini, like devouring-it-in-two-whole-bites gulping. With a lengthy layover until the final leg to Boston, I plan on doing what I do best in Seattle’s airport: eating, tea-drinking, and people-noticing. Impressive is the dining area; shaped like an inverted glass egg, it offers the mood of being in a music hall. People …

Humble Pie, Sleeping Bears, and Dad Hugs

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I’m scooping up humble pie and shoveling it in by the spoonfuls. Pride has gotten the best of me, weighting each bite.

Yesterday the thought fluttered by: I’m glad this GRIEF thing is over. It’s nice to have that behind me. I’d doing fabul—.

Bam- I wake from a morning dream, grasping at the scene playing behind sleeping eyelids.

GRIEF Journey: Dedicating a Teacher’s Legacy

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When someone passes, there exists the temptation to idolize and place that person on a perfection pedestal.

In reality, we are all human- full of quirks and flaws. As was my Dad. An earnest, hard-working, believe-the-best-in-everyone man. His faith could move mountains, and his nature settle the most anxious of nerves. But in high school I’d wished I’d understood him better. How I teased him about “getting in touch with his feelings”. We nearly stopped talking over his panic at trying to teach me to drive. Over the years we didn’t always see eye-to-eye or agree. Our relationship strengthened when I married, and when grandkids came, well, stick-a-fork-in-him, watching him in the grandpa role won a new-found love and respect.

What’s He Doing in Heaven?

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Thank you for your encouragement and excitement with this new blog series, TANNER & TY Talks. I love that so many of you relate, have additional thoughts of how you talk with your children, and are pulling up a chair to join us as we throw honesty out there, mess and all 🙂 My hope is somehow the conversations we’re having with our boys will bless your family, and remind you that we as parents, we are not alone. It takes a village, so let’s help one another out. And let’s do so in a humble place where we can laugh and cry together. Yes?

Today we join the world of TY Talks.

TY. This kid. I adore him. I didn’t know a three year-old could make me laugh one second and scream the next.

Love is an Action

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Today holds significance, a valuable weight and I breathe in sharp as I glance at the calendar declaring October 2. The 2nd of the month, another month, another 2nd.., every month I shake my head that it’s been another month without dad, and the 2nd comes only too fast cementing the fact that yes, indeed, life does go on. It looks different, it feels different, it smells, sounds, and tastes different. It’s a gift, this trivialized four-letter word; life.