Sunday Confession: Reclaiming myself in the Kitchen

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Yesterday my friend Crystal invited me to (in)courage’s event, (in) real life Friended,¬†surrounding friendship. I was struck by the words from one of the speakers- was it Kristen Strong or Jen Schmidt? My memory escapes, but what I remember was this: “People are inspired by our strengths, but they connect to our failures.” Boom. Isn’t that the truth? But here’s …

Lentil Soup with Pasta & Sage

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When the weather chills and trees wrap themselves in vibrant orange, red, and mustard leaves, fall dinners invite bowls from the cupboard and spoons from the drawer for an evening with…


Hearty, comforting, sit-around-the-table and slurp-it-down-soup!

Sausage & Kale

Beef Stew with Orange Zest & Red Wine

Vegetable Tortellini

Doesn’t matter the recipe, one thing’s for sure- cold temperatures outside ensure cozy, fragrant warm smells inside.

What’s Your Story? Wednesday: Jules Sherreitt

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I can’t even begin to tell you how much I loved making this window, but more so, who I made it for: the one and only Jules! It was last summer I met this deep, witty, Jesus-loving gal. She was wrapping up her work responsibilities at ROCKHARBOR in preparation to welcome their second, a little girl, to their family. She is one of those people that sticks with you. In a really, really good way!