Pasture Premier: Come As WE Are

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In June I collaborated with Kim Leggett from City Farmhouse, Franklin – a kind soul and creative designer – at her event venue in Franklin’s Factory. I shared on the topic of #realisthenewperfect, a chapter from my book, Choosing REAL. Women from the community gathered in her whimsy space to drink wine, enjoy nibbles and meet over authenticity and faith …

Pssst! I’m inviting YOU to join the Choosing REAL Book Launch Team

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Pssst! Hey YOU! Yes, you, “my people.” Would you like a sneak peek of Choosing REAL before anyone else?   Would you commit to reading and sharing about Choosing REAL via your social media avenues (however feels most authentically you), writing an Amazon review (when the book is officially released on December 1st), and considering other creative ways to support this …

A bunny, a neighbor, and a shift in Perspective

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In almost 12 years of marriage, we’ve moved 6 times. We are no strangers to jumping in and embracing community, starting right where we are planted, and with who surrounds – our neighbors. At times, I’ve had grand notions of connecting with people over there or what about them? Only to look next door and across the street and decide, Why not here? Now?  Sometimes neighborhood …

A Faith Journey: Showing Up

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This is the 2nd of 6 essays in A Faith Journey, re-tracing the final week of my Dad’s life. Loss served as the the catalyst to my faith, and it is through this story, I see God’s invitation to experience Him as the greatest story. For those that have walked this with me from the beginning, please read and remember and know that …

Stupid Lice

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Bry was on a 3 day-work retreat last Spring when I decided to give the boys haircuts. Tanner, took his normal spot on the back patio bench, holding the squirt bottle while I evened out the front. Then on to the ears when- what’s that? I dart closer. No. NO! My fingers frantically pull near his temple as I discover (and oh how …

The gift of Community

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Community is for the birds. We need community. Because, let’s be honest, it’s super lonely without others. We need people on the other end of the phone, or sitting on our couch, or bumping into us at church or work or school drop-off. We need to invite them our hearts and minds. In some seasons, it seems community is everywhere …

Repost: Thanksgiving in May

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Two years ago I was struck by how quickly my grateful heart wore off as November’s Thanksgiving came and went. Set on recapturing thankfulness and celebrating how God works in the peaks and pit, I was compelled to write this post: Thanksgiving in May.

Fast-forward to May, 2014, and Thanksgiving in May is at the forefront of my thoughts. Care to join? Would you like to soak up the last week of May, the half-way marker until we gather around the table to feast with family and friends, and utter gratitude for blessings abundant?

The 502nd Seagull & Bare Booties!

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Last summer Tanner and I read through my childhood copy of Roald Dahl’s James and the Giant Peach. The classic has become our family’s favorite, tasting it over grilled peaches and cream, watching the movie together, and last weekend, redeeming Tanner’s Christmas present- a date to see the play, at the South Coast Repertory. His favorite part? Watching the over-sized insects rope the “imaginary” seagulls to the peach stem, lifting the fruit away from the jaws of veracious sharks below. As the book describes, “And now came the big moment. Quickly, the five hundred and second seagull was caught and harnessed to the peach-stem… And then suddenly…But slowly…Majestically…Like some fabulous golden balloon… With all the seagulls straining at the strings above…The giant peach rose up dripping out of the water and began climbing toward the heavens.” {p.66, James and the Giant Peach}

How can the seagulls lift the peach? They are so small and their wings are so tiny?, Tanner asked. Hmmm. Point made.