5 Reasons You’ll Want to Make Forest Home ‘Summer Family Retreat’ Your New Tradition

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CCA’s (Child Care Assistant), also known as built-in babysitting. I mean I know Hawaii sounds tempting, but do they provide childcare to put your kiddos down every.single.night? I think not. 2. Forest Home Summer Family Retreat has something for EVERYONE. Amazing care and daycamps for babies to high schooler’s, rockstar speakers and worship leaders for the parents, bomb meals, a resort-like …

What I Learned at Camp

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Since we married 9 ½ years ago, Bryan has always worked in ministry as a youth pastor. We started with rambunctious middle school students, tried high school ministry for a stint, and returned to our original love for rowdy junior high kids. Yes, both of us used to be crazy, now it’s mostly just Bryan.

And for the last eight summers, we’ve brought students to Hume Lake for a week of summer camp. Early in our marriage, Bryan would counsel a guy’s cabin, while I, a group of giggly girls. Us ladies would stay up late talking and every morning I’d threaten if they pulled out their makeup bag with hopes of impressing the male lifeguards. Girls, puh-leese! I’m sorry to break the news, but they are not looking at you or your envisioned marriage. Let’s not glob on the makeup this week. Let them freckles breathe. That was then…

Salty Tears

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We brought thirty-three Middle School Students from our church, along with some pretty awesome leaders, our boys, and headed up the San Bernardino Mountains to Winter Camp for the weekend. Tanner in the back, asking every 5 seconds, “Are these the mountains? Are we in the mountains yet?” I love Middle School students, the majority itching to spend their parents …