Happy YOU Day!

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Today marks my mid-30’s so I’m thinking it’s just upward from here, yes? Birthdays get me thinking about celebratin’ which gets me thinkin’ about how the best gifts are the people I get to celebrate with. Which got me thinking about YOU ‘cuz I know you’re out there, and whether you’re a real life friend, or one I know via cyber webbage …

Celebrating his Way

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After a plethora of throwing, attending, and planning parties, I’ve found the key to enjoy our son’s birthday : Celebrate his way. As in, “Ty, what do YOU want to do for your birthday party? Who do you want to invite?  How do you want to spend your time?” To which he responded, with a wave of his hand, “Mom, put …

A Birthday Letter to our 7 year old Son

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Dear Tanner, On your 7th birthday, here are 7 ways I want to be like you when I grow up: 1. You have the gift of observance. You were four -maybe five – months old and ever-so-aware of sweatshirt strings, colors, and sounds. And it’s continued. You invite me to pause and look in front of me. Remember on our Saturday run, …

Dear Birthday Girl

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve written birthday letters to my hubby and boys. In them, I pen dreams and wishes, celebrating the sparkly lights they shine in our home and beyond. And this year I decided to write myself a birthday letter. Because I’m emerging from a dark December and want to celebrate myself more and self-loathe less. …

Quality Time with a Son

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For his 5th birthday, we gifted Tanner a day to Legoland.

Because the kid practically sleeps with his Legos.

And dreams, eats, thinks, plays {you get the idea} Star Wars.

And Legoland happens to have a life-size Star Wars X Wing on display until the end of the year! And a Star Wars Mini Land!

<< Side note to my mama friends of girls only: This Darth Vader / Luke Skywalker world is new to me and while I'm much more comfortable entertaining childhood memories of My Little Ponies, Little House on the Prairie, and Punky Brewster, I'm learning as I go, and attempting to embrace it! Hang with me, please! >>

Legoland! he shrieked. We’re going to Legoland?

A Birthday Note to our 5 Year-Old…

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Last night dad joked about five years ago in that San Luis Obispo hospital room, how I’d bounced on that stupid {Mom, we don’t say stupid!} birthing ball for six hours straight thinking you’d get the hint to come. We knew you were going to change our lives; turn it inside out and wreck us in the most beautiful and challenging and child-like faith ways possible. What we didn’t know was how much we’d learn from you, our little man.


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In light of celebrating what is supposed to be mom and dad’s 42nd anniversary and dad’s 65th birthday, I’m forever grateful that we celebrated them well last year. More so, I’m thankful I shared these words with them {especially dad} – words that he read and felt and knew. I smile even now, remembering when we were over for dinner one night and as I bathed the boys in their ginormous tub, I saw this post taped to their bathroom mirror:

{written June 25, 2012}