Deep Dish Apple Pie

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It was one of those days I needed to bake, to dedicate hours in the kitchen, crank music, throw flour around, and get hands doughy, messy, that kinda bake.

Do you ever have those days?

When the world’s noise gets so loud {even if it’s your own kids voices} that something as simple as baking a pie feels calming and cathartic. The minutes spilling into hours calm the to-do list and stress of the day as apples are peeled and dough is rolled.

Dessert Central

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NOTHING makes me happier than hanging out with my hubby, my boys, fabulous friends, decorating, planning events or eating dessert. The ideal day would encompass all! So in honor of all the dessert-eating I do, I’m giving a lil’ shout-out love to my favorite dessert spots… You can’t go wrong at Claim Jumper’s…. ever! Our first year of marriage, we …