Wildly Whimsy Poems & Prayers

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The story behind Posies

Wise souls tell us to pay attention to what brought us joy as children and to intentionally recreate this practice as adults. Like many creative accidents, Posies happened by merely getting lost doing what I love: writing everyday learnings on our vintage typewriter and arranging them with pressed wildflowers from our garden.

As an author, I make sense of experiences through writing. For a season, book and devotional projects were my jam. As years pass, I find myself more at home jotting down simple discoveries from daily inspirations and confessions. And so, a newfound rhythm began; one where I reflect on what shimmers from the day and type a heart-felt poem or prayer.

What small moment stood out?
What did I learn?
What moved my spirit?
Stirred a confession?
Brought tears?
Healed me from the inside out?
Invited awareness?
Beckoned beauty?
Made me laugh out loud?

One day I typed out a poem and arranged pressed posies around the border. With music cranked, hours escaped while I found myself falling back into a familiar childhood rhythm of arranging pressed blooms, only this time I combined old and new into a vibrant expression of words and wildflowers.

I was creating for the joy of creating, without care for an outcome or external response. I was alive and present and enjoying how each Posie took on its unique design while the typed poem or prayer played among petals and foliage.

Where did this passion for flower pressing begin? At a young age, my mom taught me how to gather flowers from our garden and press them between heavy dictionary pages. Once pressed, I spent hours turning petals and greenery into laminated bookmarks and art designs. Here, the passion for Posies was planted.

A love for all things wild and whimsy has only continued to flourish. Our sons tease that I'm known to off-road pick at the sight of daffodils or bluebells waving from a field. Why not plant our own wildflower garden? And so, our family dug a border along the back fence and scattered thousands of wildflower seeds into the soil. The first spring, we witnessed a crescendo of vibrant colors erupt from earth.

Queen Anne’s Lace
Black Eyed Susans

As our widlflower garden grew, my husband and sons gifted me with a handmade flower press where a multitude of garden posies are added, then arranged around a heartfelt poem or prayer, near my vintage typewriter.

With every year, a new garden surprises. No two flowers are the same. They are wild in the truest sense.

As are all Posies.