Dear Quarantine,

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Thank you for bringing us back to the basics.

Winnowing our days toward what matters.
Family walks and watching strawberries grow.
Baking banana bread and enjoying Tanner’s first dinner made from scratch: turkey bean enchiladas.
Noticing anxiety surfacing. How long can this go on? When will it end? How do I persevere in the overwhelming unknown? 
Being forced to stay in it; whether boredom, hard conversations, tension, or the same marriage conversations that feel like a merry go round and round and round.
Planting flowers and allowing their green stems be our calendar when days turn into weeks turn into what day is it?
Cultivating mustard seed miracles and discovering that the small moments are truly sacred.
Focusing on the eternal when circumstances swoop in like waspy distractions.
Staying informed and protecting our people and wearing compassion like our favorite perfume.
Offering porch refuge to Flower Joy, a Robin mama who is making her nest in our hanging flower basket. One, two, three and four eggs. She sits, she stays, she moves not, even when the Amazon man delivers a retail therapy order.

Thank you for bringing us back to the basics.

Written 4.20.2020

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