Growing Down

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Growing up can tell us to worry about what others think, to stay paralyzed with fear of being rejected if we’re too honest, ask too many questions, are too curious, are too drawn toward beauty and wonder. Growing up can tell us to hustle for our worth, to make our names great. To stay in our pain and look through cynical eyes, and an untrusting lens.
Growing down. This is for me. You too? Growing down means journeying toward the heart of God, back to our truest, child-like self, where we are free and play and run with our arms open. We are inhibited, unafraid. We listen to our Dad’s voice and let His words, His protection be enough. Growing down invites us to the bottom floor, among the broken-hearted faith pioneers with their old souls and suffering stories. They become our people. They know pain and see life’s beauty through a stained-glass window. We are alive here. Children. Vulnerable. Bare. Receiving. Trusting. Enough. Our worth in enjoying our Father and His Spirit and His Son. In being present and playing with those who come in our path, on our porches, who join us in the sand box.
I wonder if we are to grow down, to grow interiorly, to grow eternally while holding hands with earth. I wonder if we are to tune our spirits to the heavens so that when angels talk, we smile, and when butterflies breeze past, we see an echo of a greater awe. I wonder if growing down leads to savoring simplicity, celebrating mundane miracles, and knowing the One who knows all is greater than what we can ever understand.
Growing down. Yes, I believe this inside out, upside down path is for me. And to my last breath I will invite and offer this journey to others. I will offer a pasture, a wide open field, abundant with grace and space and room to roam on the spiritual journey, to listen to others and point them back to our Father, Brother, Spirit. To hold open the door and show them a peek behind our life-as-we-see-it curtain.

Where the veil is thin and glory a breath away.  

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  1. I love this so much! I’m going to print it out for myself.

    Your words and the song in your heart that you share through all your creativity are a gift that I think specifically helps lift depression and heaviness! thanks for sharing and creating!!!!!

    1. Post

      Melissa, print away! May this be a reminder that your journey is beautiful! I love hearing that my journey helps you know you’re not alone. Nothing lifts depression and heaviness like playing and receiving Love from our Father! xo, Bekah

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