Pasture Experience Podcast is coming Fall 2019! Be the first to know!

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Ooooookay I’ve been bursting to share this news with you because it’s literally a dream-of-a-gift-come-true!!!! I was gifted a podcast- yes GIFTED- studio time, production, editing, marketing- the whole humble shabang by souls who believe in Pasture Experience and want you to be able to journey this listening path, inspired by Psalm 23, from wherever you are.

The most beautiful part about this gift?

It was offered by someone who personally experienced Pasture Weekend Retreat; the listening, sharing, confessing, beauty-encompassing and soul nourishing time, and came home changed. She told me later that the safe space offered in our living room, alongside 11 other brave women, was so impacting that she couldn’t stop talking about it, even at work. Her boss asked, “who leads this retreat? I want to sow into her ministry!” The rest is history!!

Last week, this generous Pasturee soul drove from TX to TN make sure I felt comfortable recording and interviewing for a few days at Bema Media Studio (south of Nashville) as the first season of Pasture Experience Podcast came to life.

I can’t wait to share more but please know this: what has been freely given as a gift is my joy to hand back to YOU as a gift. He gets ALL the glory for this one!! In the meantime, if you want to be the first to know when Pasture Experience Podcast releases, click on the link below and enter your name.

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  1. God really is so very good! What an amazing gift! It’s surely going to be a blessing to so many. Choosing Real is in front of me this very minute and has been such a blessing in my heart.

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