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Hi friend,

I’m sitting on the porch drinking a coconut La Croix, pretending it’s still summer (I know all you fall people are jumping into your boots and rocking your scarves and drinking yo’ pumpkin lattes) but honestly, I’m over here trying not to have a panic attack in anticipation of fall leading to winter! Because moving from CA to TN pulls out my angry elf come winter time and cold time and I-can’t-feel-my-hands-when-I-power-walk time.

I digress. So I’m porch-writing, and soaking up this amazing fall weather, and watching the horizon when the coolest thing happens: a tiny wisp in the distance begins to curl like a sky wave and suddenly, the cloud is drenched in a rainbow. A tiny wave rainbow just hanging in the middle of the blue, cloud-confettied sky. As if God were smiling, this one’s for you. Here’s my promising reminder. Keep watching and waiting.

Maybe you too need a promise reminder.

I digress. Again. Squirrel!

Fall break is happening over here and the boys are off school for a few days, and I feel like celebrating, and who better to celebrate with than YOU!

*** It’s Fall Break Giveaway Time ***
(October 18th, 2018 –  Sunday, October 21st, 2018 12am EST)

Enter to win this entire bundle of love:

One 2019 Anchored Press Weekly Devotional Planner (I’ll meet you during March 4-10 for Authentic Confession)
One code for the newly released AUDIO VERSION of Choosing REAL. That’s right.
One 30-minute Soul Care phone session. Because I want to listen to YOU!
And a partridge in a pear tree! 

One 2019 Anchored Press Weekly Devotional Planner

Sometime I pinch myself for the way paths connect and cross. Take my friend Deana, creator of Anchored Press. She, my friend, is the real deal. Her heart to encourage creative, passionate women to stay in Truth and stay organized is refreshing and intentional. She goes against the grain, sees the “one” and cares more about connecting with people than building a brand. I’m honored to be a second-year contributor and will join you March 4-10 as we look at Authentic Confession. Plus, Deana asked for fellow writer friend recommendations and I love that you’ll get to “meet and read” devotions by Kate Merrick, Bobbie Schaeperkoetter, Shontell Brewer, Carey Scott and Kim Leggett.

Anchored Press gave me a special code to share with you that gives you $10 off of your total order! Just make sure you order your planner before November 15th and enter the code ANCHORED2019 in the discount box at checkout. I can’t wait for you to read my devotional on the topic of Authentic Confession, but mostly, to saturate yourself in Truth and more Truth.


One Choosing REAL audio version code 

Choosing REAL released December 2016 and has gone on to sell over 10,000 + copies thanks to YOU! I’m so thankful for your support, sharing and believing in this message of responding and celebrating to how REAL God is, especially when life doesn’t go as planned.

After the book release, I took time afterwards to simply be. To get quiet and still and do lots of listening. My second book proposal is currently being pitched. In the meantime, I recorded the audio version and lemme tell you: I love writing books, devotionals and journals, but I LOVE LOVE reading the books x’s a fafillion. I felt like I was getting to have a conversation with you while I read every chapter aloud. Now we can hang out while you work out, drive or bake cookies:)

Download Choosing REAL audiobook on Audible & Christianaudio

PS: Pre-order Choosing REAL: Devotional Thought Journal (releases April 2019)

Thank you for being the most amazing readers and now listeners.

30-minute Soul Care Phone Session
I’m offering a 30 minute soul care session because I care about getting to know and listen to you. What’s going on in your heart? Your world? Where do you need to be fully loved and fully known right now? I’m listening.

*** To enter the Fall Break Giveaway, please leave your full name, email and answer the following two questions in the blog comments below AND share this giveaway post in whatever medium feels most genuine to you. You may enter as many times as you’d like. The winner will be chosen at random and receive an email on Monday, October 22nd! ***

  1. What is your favorite fall tradition?
  2. If you were to attend a spring retreat, what month is ideal for you: mid-February, March or April? Hint: The first-ever Pasture Experience Retreat is in the planning stage at our near-Nashville home for Spring, 2019. Please email me if you’re craving a deep, intimate soul nourishing retreat: bekah@bekahpogue.com.
I can’t wait to see who wins the Fall Break Giveaway Bundle!
Much love,


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  1. My favorite Fall tradition is going to Ludington State park to hike with my husband. We spend the day enjoying the colors and each others company. For a Spring retreat I would have to say March would be ideal.

  2. My favorite fall tradition is baking my mom’s famous apple cobbler. She’s in a nursing home now, but I grew up eating it, it’s my favorite dessert, and preparing it in the fall always reminds me of her.

    Also, April would be the best time for me this year, but the best time for me is usually tied to when it’s Easter. I’m a teacher and that’s when we have spring break. 🙂

  3. I live to decorate the front yard with a bale of hay, pumpkins, Indian corn and scarecrows. They aren’t really scarey…they are more cute!

    March or April would be great! I bet A carload from Charlotte would come!

    1. Post

      I want to see your cute Fallscape. Bet it’s adorable! I’ll keep you posted about a Nashville Pasture Retreat! Thanks, Linda 🙂 xo, Bekah

  4. Hello Bekah!
    To answer your questions:
    Our favorite fall tradition is to simply enjoy the changing seasons, to prepare for upcoming family time and the holidays ahead, and to get some relief from the summer humidity in the South! Lol!
    Also, March would be an ideal month for me to attend a Spring retreat.
    Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  5. Hi Bekah,
    My favorite fall tradition is going to the movies with my husband and our 2 girls ages 6 and as of yesterday our 13 year old. 🙂
    We cherish this family time and the girls love it!
    I think a nice month for a spring retreat would be April. It’s a blessing to be able to gather with other women and recharge.

    Have a blessed day!

  6. I love the change in seasons-I use it as a form of renewal-I love the crisp morning air-as I get ready to leave CA for CO-I welcome the chance be refreshed with the opportunity to be closer to relationships that mean the world to me-it isn’t just about great weather-that moves me.

  7. Ooooh! I’m excited for all the things in the blog! I feel rejuvenated just reading it!
    1. My favorite fall tradition is taking a road trip to visit family in Leipers Fork & Westhaven. We LOVE the drive from Texoma to TN! My husband and I have made that trip every year for 6 years. But before we were married, I was a solo mom! And my girls and I made that trip for 16 years. Something about spongy Tennessee earth near the Natchez Trace makes me happy!
    2. I’d say April is a GREAT time for an event! It’s after most School Spring Breaks & before Summer Schedules begin.

    1. Post

      Melanie!!! You are the Fall Break Bundle Giveaway Winner! Yay and congrats! I emailed you this morning about how to claim your goodies. I’m looking forward to our soul care session! xo, Bekah

  8. I LOVE hosting Thanksgiving at my house! I get to treat my mom and Gramma who did it themselves for many, many years. A spring retreat of any kind at any time would be amazing. Honestly.

  9. 1. The cool California crisp mornings, so quiet and still. I’ve even come to love that in early fall you completely regret the cute sweater and boots by 1 pm, so much so you can’t wait to get home and put some shorts on!
    2. March

  10. Favorite Fall Tradition is carving pumpkins and driving to see the leaves change.
    Best month is April usually.
    Pasture Retreat! SOUNDS AMAZING, and if I can make it I’m in. So if it’s TN next year, I’d love it to be in early March when I’m already there for my BOOK LAUNCH! ; ) Either way, any time with you is a pasture experience. Love you friend.

  11. So exciting!!
    1- my favorite fall tradition is bundling up in a warm blanket and drinking morning coffee outside on the porch with My Darling! Pretty leaves, cool air, warm blanket, hot coffee!! It’s my favorite!!
    2- February

  12. Hi Bekah,

    We love visiting Oak Glen in CA for all things apples! It’s our family’s favorite tradition to kick off the holiday season.
    I’m not in Nashvilke but Feb is usually s good month, spring gets so busy! Great to start the new year off refreshed.
    Thank you!

  13. My favorite fall tradition is baking pumpkin seeds! Every year since I was little I would do them with my Dad and he was the master!

    An ideal spring retreat would be mid-February or March

    1. Post

      Oh, Ashley! I love this sweet pumpkin seed tradition with your dad. It truly is the small experiences, isn’t it? Would love to have you join us here in the spring for Pasture. xo, Bekah

  14. 1. My favorite tradition since I’ve lived in the sf bay area for almost 7 years is to drive up north to Apple Hill and drive through all the beautiful orchards and get apple donuts. I get lots of apples, bring them home and make apple sauce.
    2. April would be best for a spring retreat for me

    1. Post

      Lacey, Apple Hill sounds all sorts of magical! And donuts and applesauce? Yes and yes! I’ll keep you posted for Pasture Experience details! Can’t wait! Much love, Bekah

  15. My favorite fall tradition is decorating the house while watching “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!” With my two girls. Growing up my mom always made us watch it and I have passed on that annoyance to my own children. As many times as we’ve seen it, we will never get bored with it. “I got a rock.” 😔

    A spring retreat in April would be great.

    1. Post

      What a fun idea, Krishelle! I may have to add this tradition to our family fall-ness, too! I love how a small annoyance transformed into a beloved family tradition for you. I’d love to have your presence for our Spring Pasture Experience Retreat. Stay tuned! xo, Bekah

    1. Post

      “letting my girls run wild.” I love how you live! Thanks for joining us here, Brittany. I’d love to see you next spring at Pasture Experience Retreat! Details coming soon. xo, Bekah

  16. Hi Bekah! My favorite fall tradition is baking pumpkin chocolate chip cookies with my kids. My husband enjoys hunting this time of year and looks forward to sampling our freshly baked, warm cookies when he comes home. I think it is his favorite fall tradition too!

    A soul-nourishing retreat sounds fabulous! April would be a great month to recharge the soul!

    1. Post

      Angela, you had me at pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Do you share the recipe? 🙂 I’d love to have you join us for the Pasture Experience Retreat. You’ll be on the first-to-know list. Much love! ~ Bekah

  17. Favorite fall tradition is getting cozy with a good book and a fall candle. I love the snuggling season! Also whatever month Easter isn’t in would be an awesome spring retreat time: I’m a chaplain and Easter is busy!

    Sending Love, BJP!

    1. Post

      Julie, you are my people. Cozy with books and a candle? All the yeses! I’d love to hear more about your experiences as a chaplain. Stay tuned for Pasture Experience Retreat details. Thank you for joining me in this space. You are so very welcome here! xo, Bekah

  18. My favorite tradition… is just more family time outside. The smiles and giggles are so heart warming. ♡

    And any month to see you would be amazing ♡♡♡♡♡

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