Sunday Confession: Take THAT Salmonella

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There once was a girl who loved baking chocolate chip cookies. Any chance she got. Her mother cautioned her not to eat the dough for fear salmonella would sicken her dessert-obsessed spirit.

While the girl spooned scoops onto the baking sheet, she simultaneously (and secretly) scooped raw dough into a Tupperware, promptly walked upstairs and put the bowl under her bed. Every night this girl brushed her teeth, read under her covers by flashlight, and then reached down, grabbed the Tupperware, and scooped a generous helping into her mouth. Until, come the end of the week, the raw dough magically disappeared.

And this, chocolate chip cookie lovers, is how she built a tolerance to salmonella.

The End.

For the BEST dough, Mana’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe is on page 201 of Choosing REAL. Holidays are coming and nothing says love like dessert. You’re welcome.

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