From Hustle to Surrender

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Hustling. It’s a word I despise.

I notice authors, speakers, leaders who have gone before us. They echo wisdom in spaces our souls recognize even now.

I was burnt out so I walked away to refocus.
I was killing myself with busyness so I took time off ‘cuz rushing wasn’t worth it.
I was sacrificing my family by serving elsewhere.
I missed my own community, my own church, my own people because of all the traveling.

A friend, Crystal, kicks booty as a businesswoman, author, all-around amazing soul and recently wrote this post, Why I Stopped Hustling, and Why I Wish I’d Done it Sooner about how hustling nearly killed her.

And we read and connect and sigh, Yes. Thank you. Thank you for saying what we feel but are petrified to pause from. 

Because somewhere in the rat race I believe I’m supposed to create and maintain and build my following and reach and shout and ask and.I.will. But I’m looking beyond that and knowing at the core of our souls, we just want peace.


We just want to be so dang present to our lives that we needn’t reach for phones or busy ourselves online because what’s happening in this moment is perfectly enough.

We read about how to succeed and accomplish, we know the work involved in getting there, but this girl right here, I’m sorry but hustling just feels exhausting right now.

Instead, I’m checking the surrender box.

I’m trusting my God is bigger than my platform, my temptation to live in bursts of speed, my need to collect snapshot images, and believe I’m truly connecting through bonds, through real time interactions.

I’m willing to risk peace of mind for a smaller rung on the ladder because if God birthed today it’s already His. I do my part. I share what He presses on my heart. But I don’t have to hustle to be someone and neither do you.

Do you ever stand back and wonder, What do I think about all the hustle? Am I simply swept up in the social tide because that’s Do you find life and peace and utter freaking joy gobbled up from the chase, or does a small part of you long to turn the buzz off, twirl the volume down, and to step away into the very life in front of you?

I don’t know what this looks like for you, but I’m listening to the quiet stirrings for peace and know in order to experience it, I have to release my fear of what happens when I cease striving, and to instead look up and claim what fills.

To surrender the hustle.


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  1. I love the new site! I gave birth, eleven plus years ago, to the end of my hustle. She just can’t. Which is why I dubbed her my “in the moment” child.

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