How to enjoy a Moment

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A year ago the boys started asking about our dog. How old is Bruiser?

Hmmmm, let’s see, he’s like… um, er, silently count in my head…oh gosh, he’s about 10 years old. What is that? 70 years in dog lives?

For months the conversation about getting another puppy surfaced and resurfaced. Maybe it has something to do with my husband being scarred from losing his childhood dog, Fluffy. Maybe Bruiser will enjoy having a buddy and when he’s no longer with us, the transition will be easier on the boys. Maybe we’re plain crazy.

Then last Tuesday evening, I heard the screen door open and shut and Bry came into the kitchen as I was cutting avocados and I started sharing about the day when I spied this curious head bobbing up and down from the inside of Bry’s messenger bag.

teddy 1

I might have screamed.

And after the boys joined the commotion and we let Mr. Shitzu Maltese jump and sniff and explore his new surroundings, by habit, I reached for my phone to take and post a picture.

Bry’s words invited me to pause. Do you mind waiting a bit? Let’s just enjoy him for now. 

Honestly, I was a bit miffed. Wait? Why?

But wait I did.

teddy 3

teddy 2


And something sweet happened that first night with our new puppy. We were present to enjoy him. To be free of distractions or the desire to check our phones. Instead we let Bruiser show him the ropes, and watched our boys carry him around and take him to the backyard every other second and clap loudly when he went potty. We heard them throw out funny names and laugh as the pup ran down the hallway, his tiny back legs going faster than his front ones, so that he suddenly found himself facing backwards. That first night was pure comedy as we soaked this little guy up without interruption or the desire to be anywhere other than present to the newness of him.

And one night turned into a week and now Teddy has etched himself into our hearts and it feels like he’s always been here, scampering down the hall, playing with Bruiser’s tail, stealing our socks, cocking his head at the wind, and running to greet the boys from school.

I’m acutely aware at my tendency to post instant social media show-and-tell, my intent to share fun news, but what can happen is that the post can become more of the focus than the actual moment. And how am I to enjoy a complete moment if I’m not fully present to it?

Do you experience this, too? Do you find yourself posting pictures in real time? What would it look like to wait? To bask in this second? To remember this feeling? To notice this special occasion long enough to frame it in a memory? This last week has taught me a silly lesson in delayed gratification, one in being present to what’s actually going on and sitting in it above the desire to share it with the world. And in doing so, I am more fulfilled, less distracted, and thankful for the silliest of moments.

Especially when smothered in puppy kisses from Teddy.

Cheers to enjoying moments today, Friend.


** And, to my book-loving peeps, any guesses on what book character Teddy is named after? 




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