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Anyone else wrapping last-minute gifts, watching Little Women while your husband’s glued to his phone, and inhaling reindeer chow by the handfuls, all the while in shock that Christmas is a mere 4 DAYS AWAY?

No? (long pause)

Pshhhh. Me neither. (eyes dart side-to-side)

Friend, I know you’re doing your best to capture the magic of Christmas and offer it to your children, your special someone, your family. Can I just say you’re doing a fabulous job juggling Baby Jesus in the midst of all the lights and eggnog and santa letters? You are. The Christmas/Real Life collision is no joke.

More than anything, I long to embrace the wonder of celebrating Christ in the everyday, and this 24 Hour Christmas Ornament Giveaway couldn’t come at a better time. You see, sometimes I need not-so-subtle reminders of a humble Savior who came to offer hope to peace-starving people.

I need visual words, among all the hustle bustle, words that point back to Him.

His Christmas Names

Which is why I’m a fan of Ever Thine Home, a holiday and home collection from FAMILYLIFE, created around women and their homes “centering everything on God and on what He has done in her life.” One of my favorite Christmas items they carry are His Christmas Names Adorenaments, the seven names referred to in Isaiah 9:6: Wonderful Counselor, Jesus, Savior, Mighty God, Prince of Peace, Emmanuel and Christ the Lord.

Our eclectic tree features our boys’ toilet-paper roll Rudolph ornaments, handprint decorated Santas, and jingle bell garland. And among them hang seven metallic bronze ornaments declaring the names of Jesus. Because that’s the beauty of real life- when His names are displayed right next to silver balls and doily angel tree toppers and yes, even that horrid felt mitten ornament a neighbor gifted us years ago.

Heck, when the New Year pops, I may string a couple of His Christmas Names ornaments in the kitchen near our cookbooks to remind our family He is with us today and every day, not contained primarily to Christmas.

Want to win a box of Ever Thine Home’s His Christmas Names Adorenaments? Just leave your full name in the comments below and share your favorite Christmas tradition with us. A winner will be chosen in 24 hours!

Praying that Jesus Who dwells IN and AROUND and NEAR you is ever-present in whatever you need this Christmas. Praying He offers PEACE where chaos shouts loud, HOPE where light feels dim, and JOY where tension tempts you to take control.

He is with you. And you can count Him by name: Wonderful Counselor, Jesus, Savior, Mighty God, Prince of Peace, Emmanuel and Christ the Lord.

Merry Christmas dear Friends.


Bekah jane

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By purchasing Adorenaments you are helping FamilyLIfe bring help and hope to orphaned children around the world.


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  1. Wendi Lee

    These are fabulous Bekah, it is indeed a hard thing to juggle. Christmas … Christ mas according to our Spanish speaking friends … All we need is MORE of Christ that is what Christmas is all about! Love you my friend!

  2. Christmas is all about tradition in our family. From the Candlelight Service at Rose Drive Friends Church to the spaghetti dinner with the extended family on Christmas night, not much changes from year to year (thankfully). One of my favorite traditions, however, is meeting dear friends for breakfast at The Original Pancake House on Christmas Eve. It’s good to pause in the midst of the hustle and bustle and enjoy each other’s company (and drink hot chocolate).

    Merry Christmas to you and yours,
    Lynette Ilertsen

  3. Such a wonderful reminder, Bekah! Just what I have been craving. In fact, just this morning I woke up and couldn’t believe Christmas was just days away! My first instinct was to contemplate what MORE I could do to prepare my heart for the special day – Add another devotional? Read a Christmas book? Etc. Etc. But, I don’t want to add to the busy. I just want to BE. Be present. Be aware. Be thankful. And commune with God in the places and with the people he has already so graciously given me. I can’t wait for the next few days filled with special dates and traditions to meet with the people I love most! (Mostly centered around FOOD, I might add! Hallelujah!) My prayer is that I would be fully there and not let a warm hug, a gift given or received, a completed puzzle, a movie watched, a cup of tea drunk, or a story told go by without thanking the Lord for the opportunity to live – now and eternally – because of the greatest gift of all – Jesus Christ, Savior, Emmanuel, Mighty God, Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace!

  4. Dawn Marie Perkins.

    My favorite family tradition is celebrating the story of Jesus through our Jesse Tree. I participated in the Jesse Tree tradition as a child and have implanted it into our own family and hope to continue the tradition with our first grandchild and any grandchildren to come.

    Each Jesse Tree ornament reflects a piece of the story of Jesus’ family all the way back to Jesse up to Jesus’ birth. I want to instill a love of Jesus, Lord God & Savior through focusing on HIM during this season that is ALL about Him.

  5. Favorite Christmas traditions include baking with my kids, gingerbread house decorating, putting together a box for Operation Christmas Child, singing Christmas carols, Christmas Eve service at church and time spent with family. ❤️

  6. jjseadoo@earthlink.net
    Just being with family and having a real tree and long to be with the ones you love and the candlelight services when it was the traditional singing and the choir at RDF. I Love it.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.
    Love the Harris family and the Beka’s family and ANdrew.

  7. Eggs Benedict at my parent’s house with all 3 of my sisters, their husbands and our 12 kids total! It’s loud…chaotic and yummy! The tradition started with my dad’s dad so very many years ago. 🙂

  8. Love those ornaments almost as much as I love you. This, you, today, Holy Spirit timing, so necessary and such a gift. Thank you. I actually busted out Little Women this evening as I finished some decorations. Watching Christmas movies like Elf after Thanksgiving dinner and White Christmas while addressing Christmas cards is definitely something I look forward to every year, as well as visiting towering trees trimmed in red and green and singing Christmas carols everywhere I go, but it’s being with those I love, friends and family like our annual Christmas Eve Italian Feast or singing Happy Birthday to Jesus around chocolate cake and blowing out the candle with my boys Christmas morning that are my absolute favorite.

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