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GODsense: An eternal awareness and desire to experience God’s Presence in each of the five senses TODAY.

I was made mindful of GODsense in the early days and weeks of loss. Let’s be honest, it was the first time in my life, I had nothing to give anyone. Including God. I wasn’t jumping out of my bed to meet Him. I wasn’t reading my Bible or praying. Heck, I was barely thinking clearly. I was existy and numb.

In those days, it was an inner sense to be fully present to every tear, feeling, and question in the shade of grief.

My motto when asked, “How are you?” replied on repeat: “I’m living in the moment.” Psalm 118:24 says, “This is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” In order to rejoice, we first have to be present enough to notice Him in this day.

Life shifted into sharp focus and there was God’s Spirit transcending numbness and breaking into now.

He was there like I’d never known Him before. Meeting me in out-of-the-box ways. On the counter as I stared into cold coffee. Meeting me in dreams and in the wind, in Bryan’s safe embrace, and truth texts from friends. He came. He met me.  I didn’t have to stand on tip-toes and reach high to find God. I didn’t have to strain muscles and squint eyes to see Him. In fact, I, for the first time, released extrovert and activator tendencies and did nothing.

You have any idea how freeing that was?

Noticing became my rhythm. Senses became heightened in every definition of the word: Taste. Touch. Hear. Smell. See. He gently invaded every sense to say, I am here. In all of it. And I want to meet you in this journey of today.

And so I clung.

This awareness has gradually settled into our family, marking a comfortable  rhythm. Mindfulness confetti’s our senses so that if one is is not being tuned eternally, the gift of today somehow feels off, incomplete, less whole than God intended.


As I look back at budding faith years, I notice a desire to soak up every fiber of who Jesus is, and I meant it. I simply wasn’t mindful there were more avenues to connect with Him beyond worship and reading my Bible. Cue traditional, church-going adolescent.

I wonder if this is true for most of us. Do we unintentionally connect with Him through limited senses?

Do those with a bent toward the visual- photographers and designers- do they experience God mostly through sight? Do they also get goose bumps at chatty birds and splashy raindrops?

Do musicians, their gifting toward hearing melodies, pause to worship at the smell of a redwood forest, pines earthy and fresh?

Anne Lamott beautifully describes GODsense in Stitches, “The search for meaning will fill you with a sense of meaning. Otherwise life passes by in about seven weeks and if you are not paying attention and savoring it as it unfurls, you will wake up one day in deep regret. It’s much better to wake up now in deep regret, desperate not to waste more of your life obsessing and striving for meaningless crap. Because you will have finally awakened. There is meaning in focus, concentration, attention. I pay attention to plain old butterflies, not just the ones in tiaras or argyle socks. Butterflies and birds are like one perfect teaspoon of creation.”

Some may call GODsense “over-spiritualizing.” I call it a miracle.

Hearing worship music at a restaurant, James Taylor at the grocery store, brothers running every time “Sugar Pie Honey Bunch” belts.

Seeing sunsets; pinks and purples merging with warm yellow and orange to create an ombre art-on-sky canvas of vivid to pale hues.

Smelling freshly-planted roses, geraniums, and lobelia tucked in rich damp dirt, the backyard a fragrant celebration of petals and earth.

Touching our boys’ hands, the calm weight of Bryan’s arm hugging the back of my neck, putting feet to bike pedals.

Tasting grilled tri-trip that melts like butter in each bite. Salad heaped with feta, tomatoes, red bell peppers, toasted pine nuts, and salty garlic bread slices washed down with cold ice tea, rimmed with huge lemon wedges. Chocolate chip cookies never tasted so good.


He is waiting. All around. God’s Presence manifests our every sense- tangibly and spiritually.

Taste.Touch.Hear.Smell.See.Him in everything.

Do you desire this of life? To experience the Creator with your whole being?

God, that’s our prayer. Please unfold the box we have you in and reveal yourself anew. We want to experience your love and grace at work in every area of our life. Since you are the Author of Creativity, would you meet me today in every sense?


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