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Happy Monday dear friends!

Today was one of those mornings I woke, expectancy buzzing in the air. I actually showered and dressed before 8am. It’s a Christmas miracle,  I tell you.

With Tanner at school by 8am and an hour with Ty before he starts at 9am, I’ve been thinking much about time with them. Not simply doing things for them, or parenting from afar, but being smack in the middle of life with our boys.

I often waste it. The hour before I take Ty to preschool can so easily be filled with making coffee, prepping for work, and last-minute cleaning.

It’s an hour, friends. 60 minutes to be with my youngest. I’m reminded those tasks can wait.

So this morning, I woke early and soaked up every minute. We turned on Beauty and the Beast soundtrack and grabbed his children’s Bible. He asked about Jonah and the whale, and we read about how Daniel was thrown in the lion’s den because he chose to pray even though he knew he’d get in trouble for it.

Ty held my hand while we turned pages and I asked him questions.

I was overcome with thankfulness. And it hit me. The expectancy is a hint of what’s to come a month from today: THANKSGIVING!

In honor of a holiday that focuses on gratitude, on savoring people and memories, I’m intent on embracing time; 24 hours of what each day holds.

Let the Thanksgiving countdown begin. Join me on Instagram (you can follow me at upcycledjane) as I’ll post who and what I’m thankful for each day leading up to Thanksgiving. Better yet, please join me as we embrace #thanksgivingcountdown.

Thanksgiving begins with the notion of noticing everyday gifts and handing them back to our Father with grateful gulps. May we be people who pause daily to soak up time and whisper Thank You. 

This heart overflows with thanks for the hour I spent with a son this morning.

Listening to music.

Reading stories.

Holding hands.

Praying for him as he walks out the front door and climbs into his carseat, which, according to Ty is now a “baby seat.”

How quickly this heart shifts to who and what is important as the Thanksgiving Countdown begins.

Your turn, friends. What are you thankful for on Day 1 of #thanksgivingcountdown ?

Let’s be a community who leads with grateful hearts. May we show others they are loved and valued by spending time with them in the simplest of ways.



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  1. Great idea…yep…an attitude of gratitude! Love it; I’m all in! Most recently, I’m thankful for last night’s sweet, easy, kaleidoscope of conversations with cherished friends and family. What a gift that each of us could vulnerably step into the center of heart issues and share…such freedom, such joy, such acceptance, such love!! Bless you, Jesus, for them.

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