Celebrating a Son’s 4th Birthday

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Our baby.

Our second son.

Our Ty Christian.

How is it today he holds up four sweet fingers instead of three?

With Ty our family is perfectly complete. And God knows Ty is the ideal kid to be our caboose. The one that keeps us on our toes and knees. The one who gobbles up life and bravely enters situations with smiles and an appetite for more- more friends, more food, more fun.

When I watch our birthday boy and observe vast wonder in his blue eyes, when I overhear him sharing with Tanner about friends and school and what his favorite color is, I am humbled.

Because God knows what is best, and what’s best is Ty completing our family.

He celebrates simple moments.

He craves chocolate chip cookies and dance parties.

He does the best voice interpretations. In fact, the other night, he had all of us howling with Mater’s voice from Cars, “She likes me for my body.”

I could watch him build Legos for hours, his tongue out and eyebrows focused. He loves crowds but is uncomfortable when all eyes are on him.

His imagination inspires. Take his Box Troll Halloween costume, for example. The kid came up with the idea, built most of it himself and spends afternoons in his own creative world playing. With a cardboard box. I love that.

Today we celebrate him. And you can be a part of it.

Recently, my brother-in-law, Jason, did the coolest request for his son, Hunter. On Hunter’s birthday, Jason posted a handsome picture of the birthday boy on Instagram and invited people to share birthday messages for Hunter, the plan to read them to him later that night. Rad, right?

Inspired by his idea, I invite you to join us in celebrating our Ty. After we do our traditional Affirm The Birthday Person circle around Ty-Ty, you can offer your own celebratory words. Feel free to leave him a birthday message, prayer, blessing or thought in the comments below (on the blog). As he cozies up for bed tonight, I’ll read him your words, knowing his head and heart will be filled with encouragement and love, before drifting off to sleep on his first night as a four-year old.

And right before his heavy eyelids close, Ty will do what he does every evening. He’ll pull up his shirt and grab my hand to “scratch his back” and sing “Jesus Loves Me.” Maybe “Deep and Wide” too. It is his birthday after all. Right before his breathing gets heavy and his body calms, I’ll pray over

our baby.

our second son.

our Ty Christian. I’ll pray these words straight from Galations 5:22-23:

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.”

Sleep well, Ty. And Happy Birthday.


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  1. Precious TyTy –
    I wanted to say “little” TyTy but you are getting to be such a big boy I won’t call you “little”, you are so special to me, you have no idea how my heart soars when you come running into my arms when you see me, that super special smile of yours just sends me to the moon and back. Papa and I pray you will grow up and be strong, have courage and continue to show the love and special spirit Jesus has put in you. Wow you are a big grown up 4 year old, Whew… Lots of kisses and hugs – Mana (can’t wait to have our lunch date Wednesday, see you after pre-school!)

  2. happy birthday sweet Ty Ty!! We love your love for life, fun and SNACKS!!! Thanks for always being so loving so Charley! We love you little man! Can’t wait for the next adventure! Xoxo

  3. Ty Ty! We love you so much. You have the best smile ever! It brightens up the room and brings so much joy to those around you. Your energy and love for life is contagious. You are thoughtful, adventurous, caring, funny, and a very sweet boy. We love you tons! Happy birthday buddy!!

  4. Dear Ty Ty –
    When you giggle, everyone around you does too. Getting hugs from you, and holding you upside down while you belly laugh brings me so much joy. You are a wonderful friend to Marco and Livy. My prayer for you is that you would ALWAYS know how loved you are, how precious you are, and that we are so proud of you! You are like another son to me. You have my permission to date Livy one day. I love you so much. Happy birthday little man! – G

  5. Ty…

    You’re four years old,
    not two not three,
    You’re bigger than a mouse,
    but smaller than a tree!

    You like to dance, eat cookies and play,
    I like that too but not every day!

    So come to my house and we’ll have a ball,
    eating donuts and ice cream until we fall.

    I love you more than I can say,
    I love you more every day!


  6. Ty Ty we wish we lived closer and we could be a part of your everyday life! For now we will relish in the moments that we do get to spend time with you and you always find a way to make us giggle and smile! Your zest for life is contagious! You are destined for great things and we can’t wait to see what plans god has in store for you! Xoxo

    1. Post

      Hi everyone,
      Thank you for the fun birthday messages. I got embarrassed when my mom read them to me but after said, “That was super cool.” You made my day. Thank you! Love, Ty

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