S’mores Sticks

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Showering has been a frequent celebration these last weeks. Baby Showering, that is.

Real showers? Forget it. It was single-momming it while my youth pastor hubby rocked it with 70+ middle school students at camp. It was touch and go, my friends. Showers were a vacation- the laughable goal was to entertain two squirrelly boys, eat semi-healthy, and stay sane. Priorities. And planning or attending baby showers are a priority. As are making desserts for them.

In addition to honoring mama-to-be’s and the near arrival of little babes, let’s be honest, we all love showers for the fabulous finger foods. And, of course, I’m talking about desserts.

For my sister-in-law’s beach themed baby shower, nothing says dessert more than S’Mores Sticks. Super easy and fun to make, delight guests with this recipe for your next event.


s'mores on a stick


S’mores Sticks Ingredients:

Marshmallows (1-2 per guest)

Chocolate chips or bars: Milk, Semi-Sweet, or Dark Chocolate, 8-12 oz. melted. (I used 4 bars of Hershey chocolate bars and nuked it in a glass jar for 30 seconds and stirred to Bob Marley tunes)

Graham Crackers, finely ground, 5 full grahams (A food processor works great)

Sprinkle colors (optional)

Cookie Sticks, also known as Cake Pop Sticks

* Prop to display completed S’Mores Sticks


smores lineup


Step 1: Get everyone in their assembly line. No pushing or shoving, folks. We can’t be sanding, then dunking.




Step 2: Spear plump Mr. Marshmallow atop the cookie stick.  I assure you, he will not feel a thing.



Step 3: Dip Mr. Marshmallow into the chocolate pool, and soak his ‘lil white body halfway up. Make sure he’s not dripping with chocolate. A thin dunk will do.




Step 4: Now let Mr. Marshmallow roll around in the ground graham cracker sand. For a fun surprise, I added pink and blue sugars sprinkles to the graham crumbs, as the gender of the baby is a surprise. Woot! For surprises and more sugar!


complete smore


Step 5: Eat it. Quick! We must make sure it tastes as de lish as it looks. Is it good? Fabulous. Now repeat for however many guests will be shoveling these decadent gems into their pie-holes as fast as they can. I may have had 3. Okay 12. You’ll never know.




Step 6: Sturdy the S’mores Sticks into chosen prop. Going with the beach theme, I used a metal beach bucket and filled it with a styrofoam ball. Coating the ball in spray adhesive, I rolled it in sand, and cozied it into the bucket opening. One by one, I stuck the S’more Sticks into the styrofoam to offer a bouquet-like appearance. Other great prop ideas are long wood trays, glass apothecary jars, or wire baskets. Think outside of the box when it comes to props. Simple styrofoam will suffice as the base and you can cover it with ribbon, burlap, or glitter. Get creative. Try upcycling everyday house decor to hold S’mores Sticks.


s'mores on a stick


Step 7: Share the wealth. With your hubby, the party guests, and your kids. Always the kids. With leftover ingredients, our boys took their standard seats on the counter and melted, dunked, and sanded their own S’mores Sticks. Chocolate-covered lips and messy bowls made it the evening dessert highlight. And yes, we have dessert every night at the Pogue Cottage. And yes, you are always welcome.

For other sweet additions,  try chocolate dunked marshmallows in chopped Heath Bar, Snickers, baby M&M’s, coconut, Butterfinger dust or caramel. The ideas are endless.

As I write, I’m thinking what a fun kid’s birthday idea this would be. Imagine a build-your-own S’mores Sticks Bar. Forget the kids, I want to throw that party. Who’s coming? What are you putting on your S’mores Sticks?

Enjoy! Half the fun is making them. Such is life.




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