I Am Sanding Down Clouds

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Airy and fibrous, the down of clouds invite.

Rest, little one. Rest.

Close your eyes. Relax your thoughts.

Unfurrow your brow and settle into the crook of my arm.


I am sanding down clouds


Here, hold this jagged, sharp piece.

Remember that loss? The pain you felt? The tears you cried?

In those moments, I invite you to unknot, to ease the strain of mind pressure.

Sit awhile, soak up my pure love, and let Me hold those pieces for you.


I am sanding down clouds


Yes, that piece is smooth to the touch.

Vibrant colors reflect joyful moments and draw a twinkle from within.

You sense Me near as you gaze at the shimmering, blissful facet.

Gratitude springs from lips as you survey close, sharing delight with your Maker.


I am sanding down clouds


You hold pieces sharp and smooth, as dull and vibrant collide and mix together.

One piece seems insignificant and isolated but gathered, create a rare, unearthly design.

My large hands scoop each piece and fling- they fly into clouds.

At times you catch glimpses, then questions come, and faith lacks.

But I am here.


I am sanding down clouds


As my light pours through linen feathers, a veil can be deciphered.

Unsure pieces pool with confident moments to display holy glimpses of My heaven prism, a rainbow promise.

Worry, control and fear are transformed to peace, release and freedom, as your trustful eyes now understand what once seemed to be confusing pieces, have been sanded down to reveal

your exceptional life story reflected in Me.


I am sanding down clouds



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