Pause vs. Fast-Forward

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Calling all friends, fellow mamas, passion-pursuers, and artistic souls. Inviting all amazing grandmas and mentor moms. Come, young creatives, and entrepreneurs, I want to hear from YOU. Your opinion, your dreams, your thoughts and daily life matter. When I write, I have you in mind. You and a plate of cookies, but what’s new? 

One of the monumental life lessons I’m daily gobbling and sipping is the art of pausing. Pausing to be present to finding my sole identity in Jesus, and experiencing God all-around. Pausing to savoring marriage, to meeting my boys’ eyes, and leaving space for Jesus’ agenda to be more important than my calendar. Every day offers a choice to pause in the present, or fast-forward to the future.

Pause, I choose you. Fast-forward beckons self-focus, while pause inhales a Christ-cling, an eternal perspective. Life cupped open-handed in a pause posture invites freedom.

What if I were to write more than a blog post about pausing the fast-forwarded frenzy in order to gain peace, freedom, and identity? 

What if I were to invite you to sit on my couch, as together, we dialogue about our daily activities, mixed with faith and work and relationships and kids, with a longing to squeeze abundant living from it all?

Would you relate? Do you wish to pause a fast-forwarded agenda? What if I shared lessons about stilling the inner race, the discontent chase, the look-around unsettledness, and invite you to awaken to confidence in His timing, His peace, His plan?

Would you care to enter into the conversation? Dig into this read? Do you too, long to pause everyday moments, and hold them tight and tender, trusting He is working incredible miracles in simple spaces? Does the thought root that There must be more, there must be an abundant-ness out there?  Does the fast-forward ever exhaust and leave you disappointed?

You are my people and I want to hear from you. Nothing but open ears and safe space here. Honesty beckons and your words matter.

Because maybe, just maybe there’s more in store.

How does the idea of pausing settle with your insides? In what areas do you wish to pause? When do you most experience abundant living and His presence? Let’s start this conversation by leaving your thoughts on the blog. Let’s hear it!

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  1. Selah– to pause and to praise! Been trying to make this something I seek in my life. Not as another thing to “do” but rather something my soul craves! The more I stop and pause the more I realize how I have deprived myself of this in the past. There is a cost to know? This past year, I intentional carved out Mondays as my Sabbath. I take a run in nature, listen to podcasts, read, rest, do light chores and I purposely don’t over schedule our family that day. I make a big meal for dinner. It has made such a difference in my soul. The book “Soul Keeping” by Ortberg also helped me see how “hurry” was breaking me inside. I need to slow down! I am more connected to God when I pause…I can hear him speaking to me better…I am a better me…I am a better wife and mom! I also read my bible when the kids are around. I can’t always wait for the perfect time to pause. I have to be creative!

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      Kelly, I love hearing how you pause, especially your words: “The more I stop and pause the more I realize how I have deprived myself of this in the past.” Such truth. Cheering you on! Thanks for sharing your heart. Is this something you’d like to read/ discuss more in this space?

  2. I absolutely love the idea of pausing. However, I feel like in this stage of life at times it seems unrealistic as our days have moments of moving so slow and in others seem like they are flying by. I feel like I could be more intentional in this area. I always feel like I have 50 things going on at once. I’m trying to keep the house neat and tidy and clean, make sure the girls are taken care of, be present and connected with my husband and then all the other outside commitments I have as well. When is there time for pausing? I think it probably looks different in each area of our lives but a couple areas in mine where I feel like I have time are on date nights with my hubby and one on one time with friends. Such a good thing to think about and be mindful of.

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      Jenna, I couldn’t agree more- with all the daily responsibilities, kids, spouse, work… how do we actually pause? What if it’s not physically stopping to make time, but a perspective shift from our routine to an eternal perspective? What if every piece of our day is made up of a greater, unique design than we can see in the middle of laundry and ministry and relationships? Would that be freeing? I so value your thoughts.

  3. I want to shout out “yes!!!! Yes!!!” to your questions. I feel like the most beauty can be seen in the pauses as well a greater appreciation for what Gods given me. I love how you mentioned stopping to look into your boys eyes because I feel like that is such a tangible example of what pausing is about. It’s not a huge crazy act by any means but really is so significant. Slowing down to enjoy the little gifts! Saying no to browsing my phone while playing with the kids. Letting myself soak in a phrase of a worship song. I looked up the defibition of pause:”To interrupt action or speech briefly. synonyms: stop, cease, halt, discontinue, break off, take a break.” I love that it says briefly. Not 20 mins. Because 20 mins doesn’t always sound doable. But brief moments…those I can do! I know I’ve mentioned this to you before but one way I “pause,” at times, is through taking a picture…it causes me to stop and capture something that could easily be forgotten. The leap off the rock into the ocean. The curiousity on Henry’s face as he’s checking out a bug. The images remind me that life truly is good. And God truly is good. Love where you’re going with this idea…I’m all for learning alongside you!! Xo

  4. I loved reading this! Why is learning to pause so difficult?? Life is busy but sometimes I manage to make it busier than it needs to be. Or I go in auto pilot and the time has just slipped away from me. I need to stop and take just a minute or two to reflect through my day and experiences and really breathe! It is definitely encouraging to get other perspectives of what pausing could look like. Even reading your posts is a great way to pause because it always draws my attention back to The Lord and makes me think about how I relate. Thanks for sharing! Please share more!!!!

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