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I share this secret with friends that are about to have a baby, or welcome an additional lil’ munch to their family,

When you wake up in the morning, if you don’t have anywhere important to be, just put work-out clothes on!


There is something mental it does to your brain and well-being, as if you’re half-tricking your mind and mirror that you are indeed wearing real clothes, clothes you may actually use for their intended purpose sometime today!

But let’s be honest. Us moms wear work-out clothes, not because we got up at 4am to run 12 miles {although some of my dearest friends are those people, and God bless them!}, nor do we model for Nike, or have lofty goals of mountain biking after dinner.

Nope, we do it because it’s comfy, and the closest darn thing to staying in pajamas, and maybe, just maybe, it allows us to avoid showering or washing our hair for yet another day, because who needs to look “hot love” when hanging out with adorable children?

Wearing work-our attire, can definitely work to your advantage. Others may think that you happen to be wearing shorts, tennies, and a neon sportsbra because you actually worked out today!
My thoughts?  
More power to ’em. Let them think that. For all they know, you have worked out.

Because being a mom is the most challenging workout I know!

Washing chubby fingers for the 70th time that day.

Clasping those same hands to thank God for the yummy lunch and dinner.

Joining toddler dance parties, or tracing letters with your pre-schooler.

Reinforcing the whisper voice in the library {I was literally scolded by a 9 year-old last week, who scowled at my boys, then asked, “Do they know where they are?”, to which I replied, “They sure do, and they are loving every minute,” then gave him my most mature, chubby-face-scrunch-smile, and continued perusing the Fiction section.

Pulling a step-stool to the kitchen counter, and showing eager faces how to add ingredients, and mix bowls.

Taking extra moments to explain why, even though it means being late to your next destination.

Throwing another load in, while mentally taking note to pick up more detergent at the store.

Closing your eyes, after wiping down the kitchen table again, and transporting yourself to the nearest pedicure spa where no one is touching you except the nice lady rubbing your feet.

Being a mom.

It’s mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually exhausting. Not to mention, it reeks havoc on your wardrobe selection these days.

But you’re over it!

Because you’re dressed, and your kids are loved, and you are doing the best you can in this moment. Don’t look around at other moms in their casual business work attire, and covet their schedules, their accomplishments, or their car.

Don’t get down on yourself for barely leaving the house because all you do is nurse and wipe spit-up off your shoulder.

Take heart that you have been chosen by God to love, protect, enjoy, model faith, and create memories with that little person.

Remember, those hands that mix bowls, and wrap around yours to pray for lunch, those ears that hear your encouragement, and eyes that watch you take a deep breath before reacting, those belong to your sweet child, and your sacrifices do not go unnoticed.

And if you see me in the grocery aisle laughing with my curly-topped boys, wearing my work-out clothes, and rocking a stylish ponytail, please smile at me, or maybe even give me a hug, or better yet, hand me a gift card for a spa pedi, because this mama thing is quite the workout! 🙂

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