FULL is the NEW Busy

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Meet former me:

I’m so busy.

My calendar is crammed.

I’m exhausted.

You know what I’m saying?

It’s as if every opportunity leaves us wondering, Should I say yes? If I don’t, am I not using my gifts to serve or stepping outside of my comfort zone? If I say no, am I selfish?

When to partake or put off, that is the question. Filling our lives with great ambitions isn’t the problem, it’s choosing which great things to invest in.

Should I RSVP yes or no?

If I attend this conference, am I sacrificing quality time with my family?

What if this opportunity doesn’t come around again?

The kids are young, I don’t want to miss a moment.

And so we fill, fill, fill that calendar because the busier we are, the more productive we are, which means, we have more value because we are everywhere with everyone. Gulp.

Can you relate? Do you ever feel like your schedule becomes you? That your pen-scribbled calendar dictates life?

I’d had enough when I’d collapse at the end of a long week and, sadly admit, that I couldn’t tell you what I’d done. My packed schedule said otherwise, but I felt empty. You too, maybe?

How I long to stay in sync with God’s Spirit. How I adore my family and love people. I want to be the best wife and mom and friend while actively pursing my call as a writer. Creativity bubbles over, and I feel pulled at where to put my eggs- do I disperse one in each basket? Or put all in the one marked family? Do I put off dreams for “one day?”

Perhaps, you are similar to me in that you’ve confused a busy schedule for a full life, your calendar for your vocation.

Thus the BUSY conundrum ensues, which really is the symptom of a greater question, How should I spend my time?

I’m finding when I’m intentionally present in the small things, memories are made sharper and hours seem to multiply.

Care to join me on a new quest? It’s quite liberating.

New Bekah relishes hours keenly focused on few people or one task. New me resolves to live abundantly, to live full. Full is the NEW Busy has become the driving factor.

It’s counter-cultural to what society tells us, especially as women and moms: Multi-task. Do more. Work harder. You’re amazing if you can do it all, and do it all well.

I’m not here to major in Play-Date-Queen-of-the-Year, or Brownie-Baking-Goddess {although that title is tempting}. No, I’m here to pursue my vocation, which is quite different than my career, and greatly affects my calendar.

In The Fabric of Faithfulness, Dr. Steven Garber says, vocation is best understood as “one’s entire life lived in response to God’s voice.” He clarifies what so many of us struggle with in choosing how to spend our time. “An occupation is, quite literally, that which occupies our time. But a vocation is much more broad- it comprises all our various occupations over a lifetime. It also accounts for our personality, our relationships, our choices, our formation- the whole of our unique personhood.”

Please tell me your just breathed a sigh of relief at reading this. I know I did.

This is the key, friends. Recognizing our vocational truth has made all the difference- it focuses life’s lens, it clarifies the goals we pursue, and the ways in which we stretch moments into memories- all under the umbrella of aligning with who God has made us to be.

Annie Dillard writes, “How we spend our days, of course, is how we spend our lives.”

Let me ask you, Are your days full or busy?

I adore how Kate Harris shares her heart in FRAMES book, Wonder Women :

“This definition of vocation- as a lifelong response to Gods’ voice- is the closest I have come to finding a framework big enough to make sense of my life and work. It gives space for the dimensionality of my identity as a daughter, sister, wife, writer, friend, manager, and more. It gives account for the physical work of pregnancy and nursing, while never insisting those wearying months be wholly separate from other efforts such as writing an article during nap time, teaching my other children to read, or attending a seminar… I can live into my vocation in both places- allowing it to inform the work I do and the kind of friend I am.”

And then she says this, bringing me to my feet, pom poms high in the air:

“Vocation never asks me to compartmentalize my life into artificial categories of “work” and “life”, or “home” and “market.” Vocation offers the possibility that my life and my faith can be richly and imaginatively stewarded as a whole that is far greater than the sums of its parts.”

Amen, Kate. Amen. As a recovering busy gal struggling to make sense of those compartments, I’m cheering and journeying alongside for a full, vocation-inspired life.

And I’m cheering you on too, friends! Here’s to following God’s leading in the day-to-day miracles, regardless of what our calendars say. Here’s to celebrating FULL as the NEW Busy.

Do you find your life busy or full? What is your vocation? How are you “living a life in response to God’s voice?”

“Like every act of faithfulness, vocation is pursued in small, gradual, ordinary ways.” – Kate Harris, Wonder Women


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