A Birthday Note to our 5 Year-Old…

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Last night daddy joked about five years ago in that San Luis Obispo hospital room, how I’d bounced on that stupid {Mom, we don’t say stupid!} birthing ball for six hours straight thinking you’d get the hint to come. We knew you were going to change our lives; turn it inside out and wreck us in the most beautiful and challenging and child-like faith ways possible. What we didn’t know was how much we’d learn from you, our little man.




At One you woke, not yet walking, all smiles and curls, in love with Elmo and pirates {sound effects and all}.




At Two you woke, running to play football and baseball and throw frisbees, obsessed with Caesar salad and stories.


At Three you woke, in awe of movies and music and “reading” books and making up tales at the dinner table. By now Elmo and pirates were long gone.




At Four, you woke with superheros taking over your imagination. Donned in Batman shirt and boots, music blasting, you’d help me bake while you took intermittent breaks to wrestle Ty. Your room was littered with cars and transformers and you wore your robot pj’s every chance you got! This was the year you fell in love with learning, made your own friends, and started asking really good questions about Jesus and honesty and about how things work and ‘where do babies come from?’

For the last three weeks, each night comes the same question: “Is tomorrow my birthday?”


Today you wake, our little man turned Five!

You wake with Star Wars on the brain, and legos, and the concept of good guys and bad guys. You can’t wait to cannonball in the pool and find shells at the beach. You talk about your friends and your family constantly. You don’t forget a thing!

At Five you wake to hugs and balloons and chocolate chip pancakes, orange juice and smooches. You open your gift, a family adventure to Legoland where you can stare for hours at every Star Wars character and movie scene made up of thousands of legos. You wake to a family who adores you, a brother who looks up to you, a God who has you in the palm of His hand and knows every curly hair on your head.

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You, Tanner Drew, have awakened your dad and I in a million significant ways. You teach us every hour how to see God’s creativity in simple sunsets and in discovering worms when gardening. You echo compassion to the downcast- even I have been blessed by your recent hugs as you run for kleenex at my tears. You get down at little kid’s levels and play with them. You draw for hours, reds and blues blurring into purple and suddenly restaurant menus and car rides activities come alive with color.


You stretch our patience and exercise the word ‘No.’ You whine and pout and act like what you are: a five year old child. And a childhood is what we desire to provide for you. May we teach you that nothing is more important than loving God and loving others. May God spark in your soul a hunger for Him and eternity. May we model a quickness to apologize and ask for forgiveness and live passionately and embrace life as an adventure.


No doubt each year you will awaken to life lessons stacked upon God’s grace, creativity, and love. We are blessed to be your parents and even more honored to know your precious spirit.

Today, Tanner Drew, we celebrate YOU! Five years of waking to a hint of who God is creating you to be. We love you BIG!!!!!


May the force be with you! – Star Wars


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  1. What a sweet tribute to your adorable 5 year old. He is blessed to have you and Brian as his God chosen parents. Awesome. Have a wonderful celebration with Tanner on his birthday and every day.

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