Hearing God Speak

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It’s happened on a couple of occasions -silver-lined, unexpected moments breaking through my noisy thoughts – a fog curtain suddenly lifted; crisp, calm, and clear.

His voice!

For as long as I can remember I’d lean in when people spoke about hearing God’s voice. I’d nod my head, secretly shaking it internally, wondering how it worked.

What does His voice sound like? Why doesn’t it happen to me? Am I listening enough? Is there a magic formula to this whole hearing-God-speak thing? Pixie dust falls from the sky right before His voice thunders down, right?

Au contraire!

The first time I audibly heard His words we were living in Templeton. I was pregnant with our first son, and playing {yet again} tug-of-war with a sin issue that liked to rear it’s ugly head every couple of months- taunting reminders shooting up like stubborn mushrooms only to be trampled underfoot – until months later, they’d shoot up again. Stupid sin.

Standing in our bathroom, I remember giving God the third degree {He loves it when  I do that!}

What about this? And why did that happen? Where were you when…? Blah, blah, blah blah, whiney whiney blah!

And just like that, my brain noise ceased. From the front, side, behind, and above it came~ His words, His voice! Five beautiful, simple words that reassured years of hurt and shame! The first time God’s Spirit had made His way from my heart to my ears.

Over the years, I’ve grown accustomed to His nudges; becoming sensitive to His nearness without actually having full-blown coffee dates with my Creator. Although I would have preferred that. I mean really. Can you imagine?

Yes, I’ll have a vanilla latte, and Lord, what would you like? Chai? A tall drip? Room for cream? Raw sugar, I assume?

It would be so much easier if I could sit across a table and just talk with Him.

On Saturday He spoke. It was the second time I’ve heard that crisp, calm, clear voice.

There I was, thinking about the previous day’s visit with a soul- sister; a new mama navigating the change from successful business director to a nursing, diaper-changing mommy and all the identity limps that accompany motherhood. I had grappled, praying for the words that would encourage her soul, reminding her of this oh-so-temporary baby season full of transition. Validating her feelings of missing work yet discovering absolute joy in her son, I reminded her of my story of feeling selfish when holding our first baby, only days old, wondering what else I could be doing,somehow convinced there was more to be done. For me, it’s the constant struggle of intentionality with the present yet simultaneously dreaming of the future.

Am I the only one that struggles with this every once in a while?

Fast-forward to Saturday, where this conversation was still whirring inside. At this point, I’d asked God to join the inner dialogue.

I mean really, God… what is my purpose? Every woman’s purpose? As moms are we supposed to focus solely on that role? What about the other facets in being a wife? A sister? A friend? What about the passions you’ve placed in me? In others? The scary dreams that I want to dream but don’t know if it’s allowed, or if it’s too selfish, or….{you get the idea… lots of me talking and not enough listening} Are there other moms who are asking the same questions?

You are my daughter.

Huh? Who said that?


I mulled the words around inside and found they fit every question I have.

If my purpose is to be His daughter; to be connected with Him and in constant conversation with His spirit, then I will confidently know where to shift my focus during the day; whether it be as a mom in one moment, or a wife the next. I don’t have to choose only one role, while sacrificing the rest-  I can simultaneously be all of them through His strength, because first and foremost, I belong to Him. Dreams and all. I don’t know about you, but this is the best news I’ve heard in a while. Instead of questioning my purpose, viewing it like a juggling act, I can rest in my role, my purpose as His daughter ~ protected and loved unconditionally by God Himself.

And to assure I will not forget, His voice spoke once again in this pale dawn. As I tiptoed between dreams and reality, these words woke me from slumber; gentle and full of hope and grace:

You are my daughter.

To my fellow mamas, to the high executive business gals, to the dreamers and single ladies, YOU are HIS daughter!

Are there specific words God has spoken to you that will forever give peace to your soul?

I’m encouraged to journey with a God who, although we can’t share a verbal coffee date with, still breaks through in the everyday. Even if we continue to give him the third degree!

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  1. I was laying on the bed when I realized that something was bothering me and I couldn’t rest. So I got up and realized that I was wondering where I was being taken for the rest of the days of my new breast cancer life. How could I be whole to Rick-my Husband, enjoy doing things with him and how could I do work for God if I am always sick. I was walking from the bedroom to the kitchen and the hairs on my left arm stood straight up like I had a fright or that there was hairs from my head that had fallen on my arm and were moving every time I took a step, it was then that I realized I wanted to just stop where I was in the middle of the floor and listen. God spoke to my heart, “you are my daughter and I am well pleased with you”. I wondered exactly how that fit with what I was feeling and I just started to cry and couldn’t stop because I didn’t know what he meant by saying that right then. I decided to look up what it means exactly to be God’s Daughter and came to he conclusion that as long as I am His Daughter then I am being cared for by the best and He will always be there for me to take care of me. He will see that I am only given what I can handle to do whether I am sick or not. Love to all of my Sisters in Christ,

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