Oh Happy Day!

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Taking a Strengthsfinder pause to celebrate two very special occasions today.

First off, it’s my Dad’s birthday.

And my dad is simply THE BEST!

On a free day, you’ll find him at the beach, possibly perusing an old car show, green ice tea in hand {unsweetened please}, and stopping to eat at El Ranchito or In-N-Out.

With my dad, what you see is what you get. He doesn’t play games; he’s a straight-shooter. His objectivity and discernment gift him in professional and personal settings.  His ear for piano-playing and passion for music have pleasantly rubbed off on my two boys, who, when with their Papa, request “Sweet Baby James” {aka James Taylor}.

The older I get, the more I desire to emulate my dad. I admire his calm demeanor, and steadfast faith. His loyalty to my mom and our family is unwavering. He’s consistent. When I close my eyes, I play the Dad reel and see him chuckling, shoulders rising and falling, taking off his glasses to wipe away the laugh tears. Oh, his laugh!

And his wisdom. When he speaks, my inner ears perk forward to catch each word, even those unsaid. To this day, I can recount his take on the following topics…
on failures… don’t look back, move forward.
on family roadtrips… we’ll be there in 15 minutes!
on dessert… it has to have chocolate either in, or on it!
on people that are hard to love… just love them!
on life… love God, love your family, and do your best!

So it’s no wonder, he used his noggin’ and got married on his birthday, thus celebrating today’s second celebration… my Mom and Dad’s Anniversary!
41 years to be exact!

41 amazing years of  joy, commitment, serving God together, modeling love and friendship, and exercising compromise!
I’m amazed after all these years, how much they enjoy spending time together. Because they do it often. Like every day! Get up together, drive to work together, work at the same Middle School together, and encourage the same group of teachers together. Every Tuesday night their home is open to their Church Care Group, praying for others and soaking in life with old and new friends.

Beyond the fact that they are still married after all these years, the kicker for me, is how much they stinkin’ love one another. After four decades, they’ve coursed through career changes and simultaneous jobs, miscarriages, and room additions. They’ve shared sorrows in burying one or both parents, while rejoicing at the birth of their grandsons and grand-daughter. Legacy-builders is what they are. And they do it with class!

Oh, Happy Day, Dad {Pops}! and Happy Anniversary to you and Mom! Today, I gift you with a Prayer of Blessing. A blessing is what you both are, and may these words ring in your hearts as a reminder:

Father, bless Mom and Dad today. Bring boundless episodes of shoulder-raising laughter. Renew in them a sense of their calling, both individually and as a team~ a calling not of doing, but of being. Whisper peace to their hearts regarding the concerns they don’t voice, and surround them with people that are life-giving and encouraging. May you multiply their years ahead, and continue to open opportunities for them to share You with their neighbors. Remind them they are loved. They are valuable. They are priceless~ to us, and You. Bless them today Lord, and every day that follows.

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