Telling the Truth

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** endorsed by my hubby, Bryan ** “Tell the truth” is my favorite line at the end of the compelling based on-a-book movie, The Help. Something about Kathryn Stockett’s words, tell the truth, root themselves deep and inspire me to live in my truth, stand in my space, walk on my path forward into wholeness, healing and living alive. Living alive …

The Power of Gentle Words

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He’s a whirlwind of creativity. I can tell when he gets that squinty, far-off look in his eyes that an idea is simmering and he must.act.NOW! Out comes the paper… run run run… rummage, rummage for watercolors…run run run… “Mom, where are the brushy things?” It’s like watching a tornado in fast-forward. He literally sweeps up everything in his path, …

Love you forever

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He taped the box shut and with purple sharpie wrote Ty Pogue’s above where I’d written bedroom. Inside books, drawings and nerf bullets were thrown half-hazard, as any little boy does, when feeding treasures to a cardboard mouth. He found Love You Forever and we cozied up like sardines on his bottom bunk and read aloud. As I read, I found my voice shaking. …

Learning how to communicate Vulnerability

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Everything I’m reading and watching and coming to understand about vulnerability points back to the beautiful truth that until I’m honest about my feelings and fears for the sake of deeper relationships, only then will abundant living be an option. Wholehearted living, as Brene Brown says. Vulnerability requires putting myself out there, sharing my needs, risking the fact that I have no …

3 Truths and a Lie

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“How was school today, guys?” I’m nodding like an eager puppy with a ball. Only to meet one blank, wait, yep, one blank son stare. The other son volunteers every detail of each classmate at decimal 10. I’ll let you guess which boy. “So school?” I ask. Parent friends, you know how this drill goes: The eye roll. The standard response. We send …

A mouse and a man in a Hawaiian Shirt

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Home from school, Ty pulled me into his room, dove his hand inside a pocket and proudly held out 2 feet of paperwhite yarn. “I found it on the playground,” he boasted. Then he disappeared into the office and emerged with tape, a firmly planted “mouse tail” displayed above his rear. I may have died. This kid’s creativity inspires me by the hour. …

A is for Abide

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Abide. It has such a lyrical, poetic sound to it, yes? Like you’re curling up in a large nest of down feathers- safe and secure and seen. It’s my favorite word these days. Not only for it’s ring, but its definition: To stay or live, to remain or continue. Or, as I’m celebrating Abide: to keep on keepin’ on.  Because …

Truth be Told

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Tuesday nights at the Pogue Cottage are Taco Tuesdays. Please Jesus, let there be guacamole and margaritas involved. And after the kids have one more drink of water, one more kiss, one more ‘I have to go potty’ (really child, do you save it all for this moment right here?) they finally sleep. One day we’ll miss this. Or not. And …

“I Don’t Believe in God”

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Conversations with our sons have been getting pretty interesting over here, too good not to share. If you’re in need of a laugh, head-tilt thought, or trip down childhood question memory lane, I’m starting a blog series surrounding TANNER Talks and TY Talks every week or so. Crawling into the minds of 3 and 5 year old boys is scary enough, but I invite you to journey with me, to pull up a chair and join our family, maybe offer some perspective, some Kleenex, some shared giggles, as I fumble to make sense of their honest questions.

Let’s just jump right in, shall we?